SIEM Replacement

A fully managed, proprietary SIEM that installs in minutes

AWN CyberSOC™ includes a fully managed, proprietary SIEM platform that installs in minutes.  When you build a SOC yourself, you need a $1+ million budget, six to 12 months for a SIEM roll-out and a team of security analysts to manage the whole thing.  With Arctic Wolf, the installation, tuning and maintenance is done completely by your Arctic Wolf Concierge Security Engineer (CSE), and your CSE will ensure that it is configured to your exact specifications. 

SOC-as-a-Service is the perfect choice for your company if you are considering a SIEM, or have one and are struggling with incident detection and response. No specialized skills or training are required to deploy AWN CyberSOC.  It installs quickly so that value is realized from day one.

Benefits of AWN CyberSOC SIEM capabilities

  • Operated by your Concierge Security Engineer
  • Installs in minutes, not days or months
  • Out of the box threat feed integration at no additional charge
  • No training required
  • No license or maintenance fees



SIEM is Dead Whitepaper

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