Three Business Cases

Law Firm Cybersecurity:

  • Three leading law firms
  • National and regional practices
  • Hundreds of partners per firm
  • Customer requirements for 24×7 monitoring
  • Existing solutions did not provide security expertise
  • Compliance efforts consumed too much IT time
  • 24×7 monitoring from AWN enables firms to retain and attract customers
  • Dedicated CSEs give firms actionable security guidance
  • Compliance efforts streamlined

Law firms face growing pressure to strengthen their cybersecurity strategies as a result of stricter regulations, more demanding clients, and increasingly successful and sophisticated cybercriminals. Such attackers threaten to steal client financial information for direct fraud, client intellectual property on the orders of nation-states, and even divorce documents for sale to media outlets like TMZ.

That’s why a security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service vendor like Arctic Wolf Networks (AWN) can be an essential partner to provide robust managed security services at an affordable and predictable price. SOC-as-a-service enables law firms with limited IT staff and no security expertise to comprehensively monitor their entire IT infrastructure, detect even advanced cyberthreats, and follow best practices when responding to attacks.

National Employment Law Firm

This nationally-known firm specializes in corporate law. It has offices throughout the United States, and several hundred partners. The firm represents multiple large clients from a wide range of industries, and these clients require the firm to uphold strict standards for data privacy, including 24×7 security monitoring of all information systems.

The firm previously used Masergy’s managed security service offering. Masergy delivered an industry-leading, software-defined networking solution, but security was a secondary service with limited additional value. The company’s security offering did not deliver the protection and visibility that the firm and its clients required.

Therefore, the firm initiated a search for a comprehensive security solution, one that would provide full-time monitoring, meaningful insights, and enhanced security. The firm considered purchasing Splunk, a leading in-house security information and event management (SIEM) product, and then hiring security engineers and analysts to build out its own security operations center. However, this strategy was extremely cost-prohibitive. The firm instead chose Arctic Wolf’s AWN CyberSOC™ solution, which delivered a superior service at a fraction of the cost, and included a dedicated engineer to augment the firm’s IT staff with security expertise.

Within forty-eight hours of deploying CyberSOC, AWN was able to identify two systems infected with malware and performing data exfiltration attacks against the firm. With AWN’s direction, the firm was able to remove this malware and immediately resolve an active threat.

As the AWN engagement continued, the firm has been able to achieve its goal of employing a security solution that “runs quiet”—effectively eliminating false positives while isolating real threats, with a minimum of disruption to the firm and its IT department.

Southwest Regional Workplace Law Firm

This regional law firm, based in the Southwest, provides a range of workplace legal services to corporate and small business clients, including support with employment, compliance and other business activities.

The firm’s practice stores a wide range of sensitive business transaction information. Therefore, its clients require the firm to protect that information from external threats, a requirement which includes 24×7 monitoring of its IT infrastructure.

The firm had a managed security service provider (MSSP) that used Alien Vault, a popular SIEM vendor, to monitor the firm’s network infrastructure and systems hosting client data. However, the MSSP’s service was not up to the necessary standard, and the MSSP was unable to answer even basic questions about the firm’s security and risks.

As a result, the firm investigated a number of security alternatives, including endpoint detection products and other point solutions. However, the firm ultimately selected Arctic Wolf, where the combination of human expertise and cutting-edge AI systems (hybrid AI) delivers superior security.

Within the first month, Arctic Wolf was able to detect a successful phishing attack on this firm. A firm employee had entered their password into a phishing website imitating the firm’s Office 365 service. With AWN’s guidance, the firm was able to address the phishing attack before the compromised passwords were used to exfiltrate data or perform a scam against the firm.

Full Service Mid-Atlantic Law Firm

This regional firm, based in the Great Lakes area, employs hundreds of attorneys in five offices. It provides a wide range of legal services to individual, business and corporate clients.

These clients often require the firm to complete extensive cybersecurity questionnaires to validate the law firm’s requirements for evidentiary reporting and compliance filing. The time required to complete these questionnaires represented a considerable drag on the firm’s small IT team.

The firm partnered with Arctic Wolf to help overcome this IT impediment. Arctic Wolf’s dedicated Concierge Security Engineer™ helped the firm accelerate its client compliance filings, and AWN’s log tracking and reporting capabilities let the firm demonstrate that it keeps client information secure.

Arctic Wolf also provided more active protection to the firm. In the first month of deployment, the firm was hit with a ransomware attack. Because of Arctic Wolf’s monitoring, the company was able to identify the attack rapidly, contain it promptly, and avoid the loss of systems or data.

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