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Comprehensive Guide to Security Operations

Learn how to minimize risk and continuously improve your security posture using the Arctic Wolf guide for implementing a security operations framework at your organization.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

That phrase always rings true in cybersecurity. Because every year it’s the same story: enterprise security budgets increase, security vendors sell more tools, and the cybersecurity industry puts forth its best effort, yet cyber attacks continue to increase in number and severity.

In our eBook, the Comprehensive Guide to Security Operations: How to minimize risk and continuously improve your security posture, we set out to change that once and for all. To do so, we provide you with a framework for implementing a security operations function at your organization.

Security operations essentially involves all the pieces of a security framework working in concert to effectively reduce risk to a negligible level. And effective security operations will help you arrive at a place where you finally feel in control–a starting point from which to end your cyber risk.

In the eBook learn:

  • Why a security operations approach is necessary to end cyber risk
  • What every security journey requires
  • How to leverage knowledge of the enemy
  • What it takes to implement security operations
  • Helpful tips and technical advice for IT practitioners