Women Transforming Tech: Sule Tatar

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Arctic Wolf’s Women Transforming Tech (WTT) Pack Unity Alliance serves as our platform for women and their allies to build community, create strong professional networks, foster career development, and identify informal and formal ways that Arctic Wolf can be more inclusive in both our organization and the larger cybersecurity industry. Today, we’re sharing the perspective of Senior Product Marketing Manager Sule Tatar, a member of our WTT Pack Unity Alliance.  

Personal Journey and Motivation  

Can you share a bit about your personal journey in the cybersecurity field? What initially drew you to this industry and inspired you to pursue a career in it?   

I have always worked in the cybersecurity industry. Since I have a computer science degree and an MBA, it wasn’t that challenging for me to stay within the industry. Today, I continue my cybersecurity journey as a senior product marketing manager here at Arctic Wolf.    

Fueled by my insatiable curiosity, I found my calling in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity. The ever-evolving nature of this industry became my driving force, inspiring me to contribute my skills to the exciting and transformative landscape of cybersecurity. 

Overcoming Challenges  

The cybersecurity field can be quite demanding. What were some significant challenges you faced along the way, and how did you overcome them? Any advice for our readers/attendees on dealing with obstacles in this industry?  

I’ve learned that taking time, nurturing curiosity, and being persistent are essential to facing the demands of the cybersecurity industry. The vast world of cybersecurity comes with its share of abbreviations, and my advice is simple: Google it if you’re unsure and strive to grasp the context. When challenges persist, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from colleagues — collaboration is a powerful tool in overcoming obstacles in this dynamic field.

Skill Development  

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field. How do you stay up to date with the latest technologies, trends, and best practices? Could you share some strategies for continuous skill development?  

I am an avid reader and am constantly immersing myself in news, analyst reports, and the cutting-edge technologies that the Arctic Wolf product team is pioneering.

Additionally, I keep a watchful eye on industry competitors. To complement this, I leverage internal resources, including organizing and participating in events like Women Transforming Tech Internal Webinars. Moreover, I actively engage in the Arctic Wolf HR initiative Pack Forward, embracing learning and development training opportunities. Internal enablement sessions further enrich my continuous skill development journey, ensuring I remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Sule Tatar

Photo of Sule Tatar

Navigating Career Progression  

Many women face unique challenges in advancing their careers. What strategies did you employ to progress and succeed in your cybersecurity career? How did you advocate for your own professional growth?   

Yes, many women face unique challenges in advancing their careers. As an immigrant woman in cybersecurity, I don’t perceive it as a disadvantage; rather, as an advantage that makes me memorable and unique. Embracing this perspective has been a great conversation starter throughout my career. Putting a positive spin on challenges and embracing one’s uniqueness is crucial for long-term success. Early in my career, I focused on working hard, going above and beyond, and tactically driving initiatives. As I progressed, aligning with strategic outcomes became key and understanding the impact on the business and revenue.

Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” has been instrumental in guiding me to always articulate the ‘why’ behind my actions. Furthermore, I attribute much of my success to mentorship, sponsorship, and continuous networking across teams, departments, and companies. These elements have not only helped me navigate unique challenges but have also played a pivotal role in advancing my professional growth.

Mentorship and Networking  

Mentorship and networking can be instrumental in one’s career growth. Have you had mentors who guided you in your journey? How has networking with peers and colleagues influenced your career path?  

Mentorship has been a cornerstone of my career journey, drawing insights and guidance from multiple mentors who offer diverse perspectives on various topics. Networking, for me, is essential to discovering a multitude of opportunities. It’s not solely about finding a new job, it also extends to forming meaningful connections—finding friends, sharing challenges, and celebrating successes. These opportunities beyond career advancement amplify the impact not only on my professional life but also on the lives of those I connect with, shaping a collaborative and enriching journey in the realm of cybersecurity.

Work-Life Balance  

Balancing a demanding cybersecurity career with a personal life can be tough. How do you manage your work-life balance? Any tips for maintaining your well-being while excelling in your role?  

Being present is paramount for achieving work-life balance. I’ve observed colleagues grappling with FOMO, even during time off, continuously checking emails or Slack messages. Personally, when I recognize the need to recharge and prevent burnout, I take intentional breaks, fully disconnecting from emails and Slack. Incorporating long walks into my routine has proven effective in maintaining my overall well-being. It’s a delicate equilibrium that involves both hard work and strategic rest, ensuring a harmonious blend of professional excellence and personal fulfillment.

Finally – This year’s Women’s History month theme is” Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” – What does it mean to you? 

The theme “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” during this year’s Women’s History Month holds profound significance. It aligns with my belief in the power of mentorship, networking, and fostering diversity within the cybersecurity field. It’s a celebration of women who not only navigate their unique challenges but actively contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable industry. For me, it reaffirms the importance of building connections, breaking down barriers, and ensuring that diverse voices are heard. It’s about recognizing the impact of women who, like me, strive to make a positive difference in the cybersecurity industry by advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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