What Security Teams Want from MDR Providers

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As security teams struggle to scale security programs to meet both attack surface and threat landscape growth and complexity, many are engaging managed detection and response (MDR) providers to accelerate their operating models. 

With no end in sight for the cybersecurity skills shortage, MDR services can bring immediate expert resources online, together with proven, best-of-breed processes and tools that can help security teams gain control and set themselves up for future security program success. 

In ESG’s new report, What Security Teams Want from MDR Providers, you’ll gain insights from 373 cybersecurity professionals personally involved with cybersecurity technology, including both products and services, and processes. In this report, learn what matters most for security decision makers and gain clarity into the general state of today’s managed detection and response service offerings.  

Bar chart with Cloud workloads (67%) and Network (66%) in the highest spots

A look at the results from one of the questionnaires. 

But that’s not all. You’ll also learn:  

  • The three key factors that drive initial MDR engagement 
  • The industry megatrends influencing MDR selection for organizations 
  • The most important aspect of MDR provider operational reviews.  
  • The four principal positive security outcomes MDR provides 

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Arctic Wolf

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