The Security Operations Maturity Assessment: See How Your Approach to SecOps Measures Up

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For IT and security teams, staying updated on the latest technologies and best practices while also staying ahead of the latest cyberthreats and attack vectors is an ongoing endurance test.

However, teams must embrace this non-stop dynamic change to succeed; if not, they’re in the wrong business. The question then becomes, “How evolved is your organization’s cybersecurity?” 

It’s often difficult to know where your cybersecurity stands, but it’s crucial to find out, which is why we’ve designed The Security Operations Maturity Assessment

Find Your Security Maturity Score in Minutes

The risk of a breach can be devastating, causing businesses to invest greater amounts of time and energy to make significant headway on their security journey. Those in the best position are the ones who’ve integrated efficient and effective security operations into their organization.

Organizations best-suited to stay secure during this period of increasingly sophisticated attacks have become outcome-focused in their approach to cybersecurity, knowing that while they can reduce the likelihood of an attack, they also need to reduce their impact when attacks do occur.

In response, these organizations strive to have complete visibility of security threats across their enterprise, including networks, endpoints, and the cloud. They’ve designed strategies and implemented processes to limit their attack surface—and made efforts to ensure they will respond properly in the event of an attack.

Why It’s Vital to Assess Your Security Maturity

There will always be stumbling blocks along your security journey, but you can sidestep them and avoid their impact when you apply effective security operations as part of your cybersecurity. strategy. Doing so allows you to benchmark and address five key areas covered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework: 

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

It’s critical in today’s threat landscape to qualify your security posture and determine whether it improves over time. You need to be able to know where your organization’s vulnerabilities are and know where your risk lies. Your employees need to be well-schooled in the latest best practices to avoid becoming prey of phishing attacks. Not to mention that many compliance regulations require an ability to demonstrate cybersecurity functions that involve effective security operations practices.

Even with an in-house security operations center, these needs can become burdensome for IT and security teams. For that reason, many organizations might not score as high as they should—or as high as they might expect—in terms of their security maturity. But the ability to assess their standing is crucial if they are to develop an elevated security posture and successfully ward off breaches.

With all of those factors in mind, is your organization on the right path? Answering a few questions on the Maturity Assessment will help you find out. 

A sample of questions from the security assessment.

A look at few of the questions in the Security Operations Maturity Assessment.  

Determine Your Security Maturity Score Now

It only takes a few minutes to assess your security maturity by completing our Security Operations Maturity Assessment. Learn your maturity security score and receive a full report with valuable insight on how to improve your security posture. 

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