Tetra Defense Joins Arctic Wolf to Transform Incident Readiness and Response

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When our customers begin their security journey with Arctic Wolf, our Concierge Delivery Model benchmarks their security programs against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. The NIST framework spans five functions (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover), and offers guidelines and best practices for organizations to better manage, reduce, and ultimately end cyber risk.

Arctic Wolf already provides best-in-class identification, protection, detection, and response capabilities through our industry-leading portfolio of security operations solutions, and today we are excited to further enhance our incident response and recovery capabilities with the acquisition of Tetra Defense.

For our customers and partners, we believe the addition of Tetra Defense’s incident response and threat intelligence capabilities will strengthen the Arctic Wolf Platform’s ability to collect rich security telemetry, manage incidents, and initiate rapid response and recovery actions when needed.

With Tetra Defense’s capabilities, Arctic Wolf will further expand its Security Operations platform to deliver on critical outcomes across the security operations framework, proactively protecting existing customers from threats, and helping new customers who have been breached get back to business faster.

Aligned Missions Help Customers Go Beyond

A key driver for this acquisition was the shared DNA between Tetra Defense and Arctic Wolf that is committed to owning positive security outcomes for our customers.

When responding to an incident, Tetra Defense includes restoration and recovery in its full-service incident response capabilities to return the client to normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible. By including restoration and recovery, in addition to digital forensics and remediation, Tetra Defense’s security team helps clients avoid partner and customer delays, employee impact, and devastating financial losses, or worse, business failure. This commitment to the customer mirrors the philosophy and approach that Arctic Wolf pioneered with our own Concierge Delivery Model.

Another common thread is that both companies are driven by innovation that makes meaningful improvements for customers’ ability to stay safe and ultimately advances the security and risk management markets in their respective categories. Tetra Defense was one of the first incident response firms to introduce restoration and recovery in their services, a capability which has become massively important in the era of ransomware.

Most incident response firms are focused on resolving individual incidents, an approach that often leaves organizations continually vulnerable to future attacks, with no long-term cyber risk mitigation strategies in place. Tetra Defense takes a different approach, by leveraging its incident experience and data, it offers established cyber prevention and incident readiness software to support organizations in minimizing the likelihood of cyber incidents and ensuring the long-term durability of the organization’s defenses.

Adding New Scale and Market Opportunities

In addition to covering a range of proactive and reactive security services, specializing in breach readiness and response, Tetra Defense has developed unique, information management technology, specifically designed to manage the information sharing between critical stakeholders throughout the remediation process. Their platform is purpose-built for risk management partners and customers to organize, track, and deliver a superior cyber claims experience.

By joining Arctic Wolf, Tetra Defense and its partners have the unique opportunity to take what they have built with insurance carriers, insurance brokers, and the legal community and leverage Arctic Wolf’s global footprint so we can all grow our business together.

We believe that Arctic Wolf’s expertise in security operations and cloud-scale technologies will not only add to the efficiency and efficacy of Tetra Defense’s incident readiness and response capabilities, but it will also help enable Tetra Defense to continue to deliver new industry-leading capabilities, while helping to control costs and providing more definitive investigative results.

Tetra Defense will operate as a subsidiary of Arctic Wolf with Scott Holewinski the company’s Founder and CEO joining Arctic Wolf as as SVP and GM of Incident Response.

Read our press release to learn more.

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Nick Schneider

As President and CEO of Arctic Wolf, Nick Schneider brings more than 15 years of experience in building global, high-growth technology companies spanning both emerging and established markets. As a veteran in the security industry, Nick has developed expertise in creating best-of-breed technology platforms and world-class sales organizations, which have been the driving force behind Arctic Wolf’s explosive growth and leadership position in the security operations market.
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