Pack Insights: Olivia Kenmeugne

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A common mantra in the world of security is that cybersecurity is a team sport, and Concierge Security Engineer 2 Olivia Kenmeugne could not agree more. Today, we’re talking with Olivia about why the Pack’s people-first approach to security and company culture makes Arctic Wolf a great place to work from Canada to Australia, and everywhere in between.

Olivia, tell us about the role people play in security today amidst the rise of genAI and increasingly automated security tools.

According to IBM’s Security Intelligence Index, human error is involved in more than 90% of security incidents (clicking on a phishing link, visiting a suspicious website, activating viruses or other advanced persistent threats). The human factor is still a major issue in corporate cybersecurity and case studies like Equifax, Capital One, and New Zealand’s gun buyback scheme are good examples of breaches that were caused by human error.

According to that same IBM report, insider breaches cost organizations an average of 4.9 million USD. According to data from the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the human element was a factor in 74% of breaches.

How do you think Arctic Wolf balances the human and automated elements of security?

At Arctic Wolf, we strive to offer holistic visibility into the networks of the organizations we protect, gathering telemetry — the measurement of activity within a system or network environment — to secure every angle of an environment. Our Arctic Wolf® Security Operations Cloud is built upon that idea, using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and our 24×7 Concierge Delivery Model to read, interpret, and act on data to maintain a strong security posture. The future of cybersecurity rests on a vision that combines both a human and AI-based approach.

Photo of Olivia Kenmeugne.

What does being a part of “The Pack” mean to you as a cybersecurity practitioner?

Acting as a Pack, or team, cultivates solidarity and confidence for myself and my teammates working to defend our customers from threat actors. I know that I can rely on my teammates to help me during an incident and to catch anything that I may have missed, as working in cybersecurity can be a high-stress environment.

Being a part of the Pack is also something I value when I’m away from my computer. Arctic Wolf promotes many programs that make myself and my colleagues feel safe and valued at work, including our Pack Unity Alliances (Women Transforming Technology, Mental Health & Well-Being, Black Pack Alliance, Military Support Pack, Proud Wolves, Honoring Asian Pacific Islander, and Accessibility and Disability).

We also strive to promote communication and collaboration across our offices. We promote mentorship programs, office team-building events, and friendly security competitions — like Shark Tank — that encourages each Pack member to propose their most creative security idea in front of their peers. Because our team members feel supported at work, they’re able to take ownership of their responsibilities and are unafraid to assume leadership wherever possible. The vision of the Pack no longer leaves cybersecurity to software and application security protocols alone but leverages our close-knit and inclusive culture as a cornerstone of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

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