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How Security Operations Solutions Bring Value to Managed Service Providers

Enhance Your MSP Offering with Arctic Wolf as Your Security Partner

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) now confront the type of advanced cyberthreats that previously targeted only the largest and most sophisticated enterprises. Unfortunately, these businesses typically lack cybersecurity experts on their IT staff. What’s more, they lack the budget necessary to fully secure their organization with an in-house security operations center.

Without security operations capabilities, SMBs are unable to rapidly detect and respond to advanced threats before they do damage, leaving their organizations especially vulnerable to cyberattacks.

As these businesses turn to managed service providers (MSPs) to proactively and remotely manage their IT infrastructure and end-user systems, they gain a degree of protection. While MSPs typically provide remote device configurations, network monitoring, and resell endpoint and perimeter defense tools, they often lack the in-depth security expertise required to hunt down threats, perform forensics analysis, and mitigate and contain any potential impact.

That’s why savvy MSPs, who seek new ways to bring value to and engage with new and existing partners, should team with a managed security operations provider. This allows them to rapidly deliver in-depth security services focused on managed detection and response (MDR), and address the advanced cyberthreats impacting SMBs.

 What MSPs Offer

For the most part, MSPs supplement their customers’ in-house IT-staff and provide remote IT management services using an annual subscription model. The most common IT managed services provided by MSPs include:

  • Software installation and support

  • User management, authentication and single-sign on

  • Laptops, desktops and server management

  • Data backup and recovery

  • Data storage, warehousing and management

  • Network monitoring, management and security

As far as security services, MSPs are generally responsible for user provisioning and deprovisioning, password resets, remote configuration, and endpoint and perimeter defenses–such as antivirus, endpoint agents, network firewalls, and email or web gateways.

MSPs rarely provide continuous network and system monitoring that can discover malicious activities. Even when they do, they lack the in-depth skills to hunt down threats, perform forensics analysis, apply threat intelligence, and detect high-priority incidents that require an immediate customer response.

 Security Operations Solutions: The Key to Advanced Cybersecurity

To reinforce and augment their existing services with a comprehensive security solution, MSPs can offer customers managed detection and response (MDR) services by partnering with a cloud-based, turnkey security operations provider like Arctic Wolf.

Arctic Wolf security operations include both on-site and cloud instrumentation to collect security logs from a customer site. It securely routes them to a cloud-based, purpose-built SIEM platform than can ingest, parse, and analyze unlimited amounts of log data. And partnering with a provider of managed security operations means MSPs can avoid the expense and difficulty associated with building their own SOC. For example, Arctic Wolf offers a predictable, subscription-based pricing model for MSPs.
Arctic Wolf, MSPs and Customers

Each MSP who partners with Arctic Wolf is assigned a Concierge Security® Team (CST) who moni- tors the SIEM console and provides second-line advanced support to the MSP vendor, while the MSP provides first-line support to the customer. Arctic Wolf staff evaluate all incidents and escalate only the actionable ones to MSP staff (on average, one per month per fifty end-users).

On the back end, Arctic Wolf subscribes to the latest, most-advanced threat intelligence to gain the highest level of actionable insight. This also helps Arctic Wolf continuously update the customizable rules engine to detect and respond to advanced attacks.

MSP with Security Operations: Effective Upselling via Partnership

For this reason, an Arctic Wolf partnership gives MSPs an opportunity to sell advanced threat detection and response services. It also enables MSPs to offer remote or onsite response services, by way of mitigation/remediation actions performed by the MSP as a value-added offering based on pre-defined SLAs with customers.

What’s more, it allows MSPs to provide comprehensive visibility into their customers’ security postures, so they can recommend required policy changes, security tools, and other improvements, while Arctic Wolf supports them 24x7 at the backend.

A security operations partnership with Arctic Wolf enables MSPs to deliver the following value-added cybersecurity services:

Vulnerability Assessment

  • External vulnerability scans at regular intervals

Continuous Network Monitoring

  • Network flow analysis, intrusion detection/ prevention services

Threat Detection Services

  • Suspicious event investigation

  • Correlates events from multiple event users

  • Prioritized alert notification

  • Suspicious user and entity behavior

Expert Investigation Services

  • Root cause analysis

  • Analysis and triage of malicious code

Incident Response Services

  • Recommendations for containment/remediation

Compliance Reporting Services

  • Customized reporting to meet compliance mandates— PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc.

Why Arctic Wolf is The Right Partner for MSPs

When deciding which security operations vendor to work with, MSPs must ensure prospective partners address a pair of issues. First, does this vendor provide an effective cybersecurity solution that will protect end customers? And second, does this vendor partner effectively with MSPs to provide a joint, streamlined solution?

Arctic Wolf: The Leader in Security Operations

Arctic Wolf offers the industry’s leading security operations solutions, which currently protect hundreds of customers and deliver the following capabilities:

  • A named Concierge Security® Team (CST) as a single point of contact

  • Hybrid AI (human-augmented machine learning) that provides 10X better threat detection with 5X fewer false positives

  • Security optimized data architecture that can dynamically scale and ingest, parse and analyze unlimited amounts of log data

  • Customizable rules engine that enables services tailored to specific customer needs

  • Cloud monitoring, including:

    • Infrastructure-as-a-service environments, like AWS and others

    • Software-as-a-service environments, like Office365 and others

    • Security-as-a-service, like Okta and others

Arctic Wolf + MSP Joint Solutions

If you’re an MSP, Arctic Wolf not only offers superior security operations solutions, it also integrates effectively with your existing solutions to deliver a joint service to your customers. Arctic Wolf offers:

  • Trouble ticketing integration for seamless handoffs of cybersecurity alerts

  • Predictable pricing, which allows MSPs to quickly scope customer needs

  • Rapid and low-cost MSP onboarding for accelerated sales

  • Strong margin and recurring revenue opportunity

  • Simple billing processes for back-office efficiency

  • Strong margin and recurring revenue opportunity

  • Customizable and repeatable customer onboarding processes

  • Sales and marketing support, enablement and training

Improve Cyber Protection while Boosting Revenues

Partnering with Arctic Wolf lets MSPs deliver advanced cyber protection to their customers, and with Arctic Wolf’s turnkey solutions, you can quickly and seamlessly bolster existing services and offer new cybersecurity services–like rapid threat detection and response–that grow your revenue and bring new value to customers.