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Arctic Wolf and the Minnesota Vikings

Teamwork Creates a Strong Defense

Arctic Wolf Selected as Trusted Security Operations Partner of the Minnesota Vikings

By partnering with Arctic Wolf, the Minnesota Vikings are ready to make major plays when it counts, both on the field and within their security networks. From the sidelines to the front office, Arctic Wolf is a reliable partner that provides consistent coverage with 24×7 monitoring across network, endpoint, identity sources, and the cloud. As the leader in holistic security operations solutions, Arctic Wolf is there to help the Minnesota Vikings focus on their on-field performance, knowing that their cybersecurity is handled by the best in the business.

Arctic Wolf: Trusted Security Operations Partner of the Minnesota Vikings

Hear from the Minnesota Vikings on how their years-long partnership with Arctic Wolf has transformed their security posture, improved their digital defenses, and given them visibility, insights, and comfort.
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Minnesota Vikings X Arctic Wolf

"Cybersecurity is of paramount importance in today's digital landscape, and by partnering with Arctic Wolf we are able to detect and respond to cyber threats effectively, safeguarding our organization and the sensitive data of our fans, players, and personnel."

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Cheryl Nygaard

Vice President of Information Technology, Minnesota Vikings

Arctic Wolf makes a perfect partner for sports teams.

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