Honoring Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Pack Spotlight: Cuong Lieu

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Happy Asian and Pacific Islander heritage month! Arctic Wolf is proud to honor our API Pack members through a series of events and activities planned by our Honoring Asian and Pacific Islanders Pack Unity Alliance. These celebrations are designed to empower Pack members to share their culture, as well as focus on mindfulness and serenity both in and out of the office through collaborative events with our Mental Health & Well-being Pack Unity Alliance.   

Today we’re spotlighting Cuong Lieu, Research & Development Manager. 

Tell us about your role at Arctic Wolf! What’s your favorite part of day-to-day life with the Pack? 

It is a pleasure to be able to lead R&D teams responsible for the end-to-end technology stack of several software products used by the security operations team to provide our concierge service.  

What’s one skill you think all R&D team members should have?  

I believe a valuable skill to have as an R&D team member is empathy, to be able to put yourself in the mindset of our internal and external stakeholders. Being in the cybersecurity space can be high-pressure, so if we can help reduce some of that pressure by providing high-value functionality with great user experience it will go a long way toward helping our customers better their security posture. 

What’s been your experience as a part of the Honoring Asian and Pacific Islanders Pack Unity Alliance at Arctic Wolf? 

Arctic Wolf is the first company in my career to not just celebrate diversity but embrace it. Honoring Asian and Pacific Islanders Pack Unity Alliance is just one of eight alliances at Arctic Wolf. The support that all the alliances have received has been tremendous, we are given time and budget to invest in sharing our alliance with the entire company across each global office. For me, it was rewarding this past year to share food and traditions around Lunar New Year and to learn the same about Holi a month later.  

What does API Heritage Month mean to you? 

It is a wonderful time of year to refocus and share our Asian and Pacific Islander culture with others. This year, the Honoring Asian and Pacific Islander Pack Unity Alliance were inspired by the spring season and focused on the theme of “serenity.” We wanted to provide moments where everyone can take a pause to find serenity during the workday, so we held various events such as origami crafting, movie night, and tai chi lessons. 

What would your advice be to somebody thinking about applying to Arctic Wolf? 

Arctic Wolf is a wonderful company with which to grow your career, I am privileged to work with incredibly intelligent people that genuinely believe in the mission to end cyber risk. I love that I can do my small part to help build solutions that make a difference in the world, providing value to society to help friends and family be a little bit more secure on the internet. 

Finally — what’s a mantra or motto you live by? 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 

-Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching 

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