5 Resources to Help Manage Your Businesses’ Cybersecurity During Uncertain Times

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Over the past few years, the world of cybersecurity has changed dramatically. 

The number of cyberattacks has greatly increased, with organizations of all sizes becoming targets. These attacks have resulted in billions of dollars lost, reputations destroyed, and even some companies having to close their doors for good.  

Then, something even more unexpected happened.  

Right now, we’re seeing an unprecedented shift in the world’s workforce. Because of COVID-19, businesses are changing the way they function on a day to day basis. While remote working arrangements may effectively slow the spread of COVID-19 from person-to-person, they present their own set of unique cybersecurity challenges. 

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IT teams have implemented a growing number of VPN and remote access services, which means there are new attack surfaces for hackers to target.  

While there is a lot of uncertainty in today’s work environment, Arctic Wolf remains committed to helping secure your entire operation. Our team continues to create new assets to help you and your organization keep cybersecurity in mind. 

1. Webinar: Cybersecurity for Your Suddenly Remote Workforce.  

To provide actionable information for IT and security teams everywhere, we’re inviting you to view our most recent webinar: Cybersecurity for Your Suddenly Remote Workforce.  

Check out this free webinar to develop a better understanding of emerging cybersecurity challenges and solutions that are available to help protect your organization.  

2. Checklist: 10 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Securing Remote Workers 

In this downloadable checklist, we deliver actionable information for today’s IT teams about new threats to consider and how to build a stronger remote work environment, including the importance of:   

  • Making your team aware of impending scams   
  • Setting up cloud infrastructure and application monitoring   
  • Adding multi-factor authentication, and more   

3. Guide: Cybersecurity 2020 Playbook 

It’s never been more important to have a sound security posture in place. But how do you get there? This guide will help you know what types of protection you need to keep your data safe, as well as how to develop and implement affordable cybersecurity measures at your organization.  

4. Blog: Shifting to a Remote World. How Are You Maintaining Your Security Posture? 

We realize Arctic Wolf isn’t the only organization currently adjusting to remote collaboration and fine-tuning workflows across teams. With that in mind, we wanted to share five security fundamentals that our teams are working through today.    

5. SOC-as-a-Service vs. DIY SOC 

Many organizations have undergone recent budget cuts and have looked for ways to save money while still bolstering their security. If you’ve considered a cost analysis of SOC-as-a-Service over building a DIY SOC, use our ROI calculator to discover how much you could potentially save. 

Keeping Security In Mind 

We understand if cybersecurity hasn’t been a top concern, but unfortunately, cyber criminals and hackers aren’t taking this time to go on vacation. They’re hard at work trying to disrupt businesses even further. 

The reality is that this current situation is placing a strain on IT personnel. If your team is stretched thin and you need additional assistance—or you just want to ensure you’re protected as much as possible—let Arctic Wolf help. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services delivered by our Concierge Security(TM) team can help you stay ahead of the bad guys, leaving your entire organization with one less thing to worry about in these anxious and uncertain times. 

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Arctic Wolf

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