Arctic Wolf Hailed as a Leader for Innovation, Culture and Business Growth by Prestigious National Awards

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Exciting times are here at Arctic Wolf. This week, we celebrated a pair of awards recognizing our status as an industry innovator and employer of choice, with rankings on both the Forbes Cloud 100 and Fortune Best Medium Workplaces list. The acknowledgments come on the heels of our recognition on the 2022 CNBC Disruptor 50 and Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies lists earlier this year, further cementing our place not just as a leading force in cybersecurity industry, but across the technology sector as a whole.

The four major accolades we have earned this year are milestones for Arctic Wolf and all members of The Pack. They reflect our success in revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry over the past decade by approaching security as an operational problem, rather than following conventional wisdom of throwing more tools or analysts at every new incident. But underpinning these awards and the innovations they recognize is a cultural foundation that is core to our mission of ending cyber risk.

Without a culture of teamwork, respect and empowerment, even the best ideas — cybersecurity-focused or otherwise — won’t make it off the launchpad. By consistently doubling our headcount each year, we’ve put this rule to the test. Rapid expansion can often cause organizational chaos, disputes and headaches, but we’ve avoided these faults while reaping the benefits and staking our claim as a disruptor in the cybersecurity industry and a top cloud innovator. The rich culture that Arctic Wolf has cultivated has directly had a hand in producing our most notable security innovations, including our Security Operations Cloud and Concierge Delivery Model, and kept our focus squarely on protecting and delighting our customers.

By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud processes security data at an equivalent or greater rate of other market-defining cloud platforms while only delivering a few qualified security alerts a week. As a result, the company is able to deliver better protection from cyber attacks and serve as a force multiplier for its customers’ internal security teams by eliminating alert fatigue and allowing them to focus on more strategic priorities.

Solving security operations for our customers requires world-class cloud computing and we’ve earned our place in the Forbes Cloud 100 list in large part due to our ability to shape the next generation of cloud-based security technologies and approaches. While our customers only receive vetted security alerts across their monitors, our security operations cloud ingests and analyzes more than two trillion security events a week across the globe to keep pace with cybercriminals constantly hunting for new vulnerabilities.

Equally crucial to our success over the last decade, however, is that we’ve retained a 96% employee satisfaction rate while growing and nurturing our best and brightest minds across our organizations year over year. This strong culture of innovation and commitment has allowed us to regularly deliver new, market-leading capabilities such as Data Exploration, Incident Response, and Managed Security Awareness that span the entire security operations framework to our customers, while also ensuring we give back to the security community-at-large via our threat research from Arctic Wolf Labs.

Our recognition as a Fortune Best Medium Workplace is a direct result of the attitude and organizing power our pack members have wielded to make each other feel included and worthy of being heard. Starting from the first day on the job, Arctic Wolf hires are told their newness is a superpower that can be used to improve any area of the company they see fit, and our Pack Unity program serves as a valuable stepping stone for new and seasoned employees to find their place and their people as we continue to grow.

Our pursuit to end cybersecurity risk for all requires us to develop innovative and effective technologies that keep us one step ahead of cybercriminals, 24×7. Our focus on building a culture of belonging makes those innovations possible and probable as we continue to expand within North America and beyond, protecting our customers every step of the way.

Nick Schneider

Nick Schneider

As President and CEO of Arctic Wolf, Nick Schneider brings more than 15 years of experience in building global, high-growth technology companies spanning both emerging and established markets. As a veteran in the security industry, Nick has developed expertise in creating best-of-breed technology platforms and world-class sales organizations, which have been the driving force behind Arctic Wolf’s explosive growth and leadership position in the security operations market.
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