Arctic Wolf Goes Global, First Stop EMEA

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On the heels of explosive growth throughout North America, Arctic Wolf is expanding its operations overseas into the EMEA region, with an initial emphasis on the U.K. and mainland Europe. We are excited to open offices and technical centers throughout the region and will aggressively hire across a number of technical, services, and sales and marketing positions in the UK, Germany, the Nordics, and the Benelux region.

By the end of the year, we expect to hire for many new roles throughout Europe, and establish our first European security operations center (SOC) in Germany.

We see tremendous demand from organizations in Europe and throughout the EMEA region looking to embrace security operations with the ease and simplicity Arctic Wolf offers to address a rapidly evolving threat landscape. The investments we are making in this region—both in our go-to-market functions and security operations—will fuel our ability to end cyber risk for customers and partners in a way that is tailored to the unique needs of the European market.

We will also continue to employ a 100% partner-centric go-to-market model, which has cemented us as the cybersecurity partner-of-choice for more than 650 solutions providers worldwide. Our EMEA team will build on this momentum and aggressively expand the sales channel, providing security-minded and cloud-focused resale partners an opportunity to forge a deep, strategic relationship with Arctic Wolf and be at the forefront of the security operations market.

Evolving Threat Landscape and Growing Business Imperative for Security Operations

We recently surveyed over 500 IT and security professionals in the U.K. and found that 73% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) feel they lack the capability and expertise to withstand a cyberattack.

Two in five (39%) businesses in the survey claim they are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of security alerts they receive, with the data revealing companies receive up to 75 alerts a day.

While dealing with these alerts, alert fatigue is becoming a serious issue. More than half (55%) of respondents admit they have ignored a known cybersecurity issue to prioritize another business activity, and one in five (19%) ignore security alerts altogether.

These pain points for SMBs are significant business issues that Arctic Wolf aims to solve with our operational approach to cybersecurity. While the industry sells more point products and niche solutions than ever before, companies continue to suffer from attacks and breaches—and our research points to the lack of confidence and resources available to address this effectiveness issue.

The EMEA market recognizes that the cybersecurity space is ripe for disruption. And as the industry leader in security operations, we will make it quick and easy for organizations throughout the region to get the technology and talent they need to establish a world-class security program, without the overhead or competition for skilled cybersecurity talent—or the need to build out a security operations center on their own.

Ready for What’s Next, and Global Operations

Every Arctic Wolf employee, investor, partner, developer, and accolade has given us the passion and energy we need to end cyber risk. This expansion overseas into the EMEA region will allow us to carry that momentum to a new customer and partner base who face unique, evolving, and critical cyberthreats—while building on years of explosive growth and success in North America. Although this expansion has been years in the making, in many ways it’s just the beginning: As we grow, Arctic Wolf looks forward to everything that comes next as we emerge as a global cybersecurity leader.

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