Arctic Wolf Acquires Habitu8 to Advance Security Awareness Training

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Arctic Wolf’s acquisition of Habitu8 is a bold step forward in advancing security awareness training programs as attacks like phishing and credential theft continue to thrive. With 85% of attacks against organizations starting with human error, it’s perhaps not surprising that we continue to see low-quality, antiquated, and severely dated content recycled through organizations.
Too many businesses tend to view security training more as an annual, check-the-box requirement versus an opportunity to truly engage employees and users through ongoing microlearning.   
This disparity signals a larger effectiveness issue we often talk about in cybersecurity. Social engineering campaigns targeting the human vector continue to gain momentum, while the content—and content strategy—used for security awareness training has not kept pace with the demands and expectations of modern users. It’s time to change the game.  

Hollywood-Style Awareness Content That Actually Works 

With the addition of Habitu8 and the deep industry expertise of company co-founder Jason Hoenich, Arctic Wolf is combining the power of Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness® and Habitu8’s award-winning content model. The result will be a robust and continuous library of live action and animated training content, produced and delivered in a style that viewers have come to expect from leading content platforms like Netflix.
By following those same consumer-grade quality standards, Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness will deliver ongoing and engaging training content that actually makes a difference. And it will be backed by the Arctic Wolf Concierge Security® Team, who works side-by-side with customers to deploy the Arctic Wolf® Platform and provide broad visibility across endpoint, network, cloud, and human threat surfaces.  

The Momentum Continues 

Within just months of its public debut, Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness has experienced explosive customer demand. Hundreds of mid-market and enterprise organizations have implemented security awareness and training programs, delivered as a managed service, and CRN has named Managed Security Awareness one of the hottest new products of the year.
The solution addresses the most common cyber threats by influencing behavior and fostering a security culture and mindset throughout the enterprise via a microlearning strategy.
The content style delivered by Habitu8, plus Hoenich’s deep expertise designing and managing awareness programs for global organizations, aligns with our strategy to offer effective, state-of-the-art solutions across all threat vectors to help customers end cyber risk.  
Learn more about Managed Security Awareness. 
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