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Arctic Wolf Helps Agero Secure the Cloud and Expand Its Business

“We rely on Arctic Wolf to analyze the data that AWS provides. Arctic Wolf protects our AWS environment so that we can effectively operate—and scale—our business in the cloud safely.”

— Bob Sullivan, VP, Technology Shared Services & CISO, Agero

Agero is a white-label provider of digital driver assistance services and technology. The company protects nearly one in three American motorists on the road today through an industry-leading breakdown assistance dispatch management platform; comprehensive accident management services; knowledgeable consumer affairs and connected vehicle capabilities; and a growing marketplace of services, discounts and support enabled by a robust partner ecosystem.

The company was an early adopter of cloud solutions. Today it operates almost entirely in the cloud, and leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and AWS technologies extensively, including AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Kinesis, and Amazon Redshift. Agero stores and manages data from its portfolio of B2B clients, as well as up-to-date location data streamed from its network of thousands of third-party tow trucks, collecting all that information together using AWS. Doing business nearly 100% of the time in the cloud brings many advantages‚ but it also comes with certain risks.

Bob Sullivan is Agero’s VP of Technology Shared Services and its CISO. As Agero’s reliance on the cloud increased, he recognized the company would need to reinforce its cybersecurity defenses. “Suddenly we had all this data available to us with limited means of analyzing it, and required action in a timely way. We needed access to technology that quickly assessed the incoming data and staff to complete security analysis quickly.”

Agero uses Amazon S3 for cloud-based data storage, having shifted from a monolithic architecture to a microservices approach to software development. These Amazon S3 buckets require tight lockdown, keeping stored information secure and inaccessible to outside browsing by scripts or other tools. With more than 150 engineers working in its AWS environment, eliminating vulnerabilities and potential compromises—no matter how inadvertent—has become increasingly complex. “We needed to minimize the potential for and impact of mistakes, especially those that could result in a possible critical security risk,” Sullivan says.

Finding the Right Solution to Lock Down Its AWS Environment

The Agero team knew they needed around-the-clock protection, which would likely require more than a dozen new hires with the security expertise needed to effectively manage a 24x7 security operations center. Although Agero has international IT staff to help with time zone coverage, the challenges associated with recruiting, onboarding, and training the needed security personnel— whether abroad or in the U.S.—were still monumental. Outsourcing the needed expertise made much more sense.

However, knowing they needed a third-party solution was just the first step. For its cybersecurity protection, Agero used a host of tools in its technology stack. Among those tools were offerings from Crowdstrike and Mimecast. The company needed to find a vendor-agnostic solution that could not only monitor, detect, and respond to threats within its AWS environment, but could also work within its existing tech stack, and integrate with the tools it currently had under the hood.

When Agero learned about Arctic Wolf, and its comprehensive security operations solutions that could help Agero secure its business in the cloud, the company knew it had found the right partner for its team.

Cloud Cover: Arctic Wolf Ensures Agero Can Scale and Innovate Safely

The benefits that came when implementing Arctic Wolf’s security operations solutions came quickly, most notably in working with the Arctic Wolf Concierge Security® Team. Now, instead of needing to recruit and retain top talent constantly, Agero has immediate access to security experts, who manage all the threat monitoring and detection work, and surface only those alerts that are most relevant to Agero’s IT team and the company’s business. Alert fatigue was a former burden on Agero internally, but now its engineers are free to develop proactively.

Additionally, as an AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner, Arctic Wolf integrates seamlessly with the AWS environment. After all, securing the AWS environment is a must. As Sullivan says, “AWS makes it easy for us to innovate and scale. By integrating our technologies into the AWS cloud, we have now revamped and re-innovated on top of those and created new product lines.”

Arctic Wolf’s AWS-native security stack ensures Agero can connect securely to Amazon S3, allowing the team to more effectively gain broad visibility into service usage and open Amazon S3 buckets, as well as other AWS microservices including AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, Kinesis, and Amazon Redshift. In addition to AWS, Arctic Wolf integrates with security platforms used by Agero such as Mimecast and Crowdstrike, giving Agero visibility into these environments and enabling the firm to better assess its overall risk.

Safe Travels, Now and in the Future

Agero trusts Arctic Wolf to make its road ahead safe and secure, the same way Agero does for motorists. From PCI initiatives to future cloud innovation, Arctic Wolf will help keep the driving technology firm protected.

“Arctic Wolf surfaces the alerts that matter to us,” says Sullivan. “We can’t allow access to our backend systems to anyone but our developers. Arctic Wolf protects our AWS environment so that we can effectively operate—and scale—our business in the cloud safely.”


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