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Hybrid AI

Arctic Wolf’s Hybrid AI Is the Most Effective System for Protecting Your Company Against Today’s Cybersecurity Threats

Hybrid AI improves threat detection by 10X.  It outperforms analyst-driven or unsupervised machine learning solutions, identifies more attacks and reduces false positives. The intelligence and intuition of the Concierge Security Engineer (CSE) is merged with the efficiency and productivity of artificial intelligence to detect new and evolving threats in their early stages, and to reduce the response time between detection and response.  

Cybercriminals innovate more quickly than the cybersecurity industry. They often are able to figure out detection methods used by security products and design new attacks that sidestep these methods. Cybercriminals constantly change their tactics, which quickly renders the latest detection algorithms and models obsolete. Arctic Wolf’s Hybrid AI, the masterful combination of human intuition and machine intelligence, allows us to protect you against known and emerging attacks for complete protection. 

Human Intelligence with Machine Scale and Efficiency


Conducts daily triage
Eliminates false positives
Acts as trusted security resource
Provides actionable remediation recommendation
Implements customization


Process billions of security events daily
Correlate data to third party threat feeds
Execute custom rules for every customer
Prioritize incidents for CSE investigation
Incorporate CSE input for improved threat detection

How it Works

Ingests and analyzes billions
of real time event data

Applies an ensemble
of detection methods

Concierge Security Engineer
validates threats

Incorporates Concierge Security Engineer inputs into decision loops


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