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The Industry’s Most Sophisticated
Custom Rule Engine

CRulE Intentions are Arctic Wolf’s service custom rule framework, and it is the industry’s most sophisticated customization engine.  You work with your Concierge Security Engineer (CSE) to define your CRulE Intentions based on your security and operational policies.  CRulE Intentions deliver turnkey customization so that your exact

security and operational policies can be implemented.  Your CSE can use CRulE Intentions to tailor every aspect of your service including what is monitored, criteria for alerts and even how you want to be notified.  If your needs ever change, your CSE updates your CRulE Intentions for you so you never have to lift a finger. 

CRulE: Tailored To Your Exact Specifications


Conducts daily triage
Eliminates false positives
Acts as trusted security resource
Provides actionable remediation recommendation
Implements customization


Implement customized rules for specific security policies
Tailored operational rules
Expand capacity as needed for large periods

CRulE: One Size Does Not Fit All

Defines alerts and triggers specific to your security and operational policies
Customizes triggers and alerts for notifications and incident escalations
Create security rules for anything

How It Works

Your Concierge Security
Engineer gains deep understanding
of your infrastructure

You communicate
your specific, custom needs

Your Concierge Security
Engineer implements customization
in CRulE

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