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Arctic Wolf Redefines Cybersecurity

Arctic Wolf was founded not just to make cybersecurity better, but to redefine it. Co-founders Brian NeSmith and Kim Tremblay realized that cybercriminals were innovating faster than the industry, and so a fundamentally new approach was needed. The answer to better cybersecurity is not buying and deploying the newest silver bullet solution but developing a complete program that can adapt to the ever-changing security landscape. Arctic Wolf partners with companies to do this by delivering a unique SOC-as-a-service that is tailored to fit exactly what each customer needs. 

Am I safe? 

This is the hardest question to answer in security, and it is the only question that really matters. Large enterprises can afford to set up 24×7 security operation centers staffed with teams of people, essentially throwing millions of dollars at the problem. Arctic Wolf was founded to serve and protect the companies who cannot afford to simply throw money at the problem, and want to instead improve their threat detection and incident response capabilities.

Our People

Our people possess the uncommon desire to protect companies from the threats of the Internet  

We possess the uncommon desire to protect companies from the threats of the Internet. Our first responsibility is to you and your company’s security. We take the trust that you have placed in us seriously, and we work diligently to keep that trust. In everything we do, we strive to protect your information and our infrastructure. Everyone, regardless of their role, understands security, and we act and make decisions with due consideration for security. Meet the leadership team.

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