Arctic Wolf Agent

Actionable Endpoint Intelligence Managed by Security Experts

Arctic Wolf Agent is lightweight software that installs on endpoints to collect actionable intelligence from your IT environment. Included with Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response and Managed Risk solutions, the agent provides audit and alert telemetry that is monitored 24×7 by Arctic Wolf security experts. Arctic Wolf Agent enables real-time monitoring and continuous endpoint scanning to rapidly identify issues, resolve threats, and eliminate vulnerabilities before they become larger problems.

Actionable Endpoint Intelligence

Deliver audit and alert information about your endpoints that’s continuously monitored by security experts 

Advanced Asset Inventory and Operational Metrics

Profile and classify assets on your network to build a comprehensive inventory 

Host-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Monitor hardware, software, and registry configurations and changes to reveal risks only detectable through on-device observations

Security Controls Benchmarking

Benchmark your risk profile against comprehensive configuration guidelines that include global security standards 

Cyber Risk Monitoring

Continuously monitor and quantify risk indicators from licensed endpoints to detect anomalous behaviors and potential vulnerabilities 

Endpoint Threat Detection

Windows event log and Sysmon event monitoring provides robust threat detection and the ability to monitor lateral movements 

Small Footprint, Big Insight

The Arctic Wolf Agent installs transparently through your IT department’s existing software deployment processes via universal installers (MSI and PKG). It carries no performance impact, requires zero-maintenance, and delivers seamless updates to endpoints.


Average CPU utilization during normal operation


Memory utilization under normal operation


Average disk utilization footprint


Average daily bandwidth utilization per server

Your SecOps Endpoint Toolkit

Extend your scan coverage beyond your internal and external networks into host-based, or device-based scans. The Arctic Wolf Agent supports setting rules based on common alerts as defined by OSSEC, and is managed 24×7 by the Arctic Wolf Concierge Security Team (CST) to quickly detect, assess and contain threats. 

Agent Dashboard

How Arctic Wolf Agent Works

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