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Proactive Solutions to the Challenges of Retail Cybersecurity

Thanks to innovations in online shopping and mobile payment services, as well as advancements in POS systems and IoT devices enabling greater ecommerce flexibility, the volume of retail transactions is surging at an exponential rate. IT teams must be ready to defend against a sea of threats, including brute-force attacks, third-party backdoor breaches, and vulnerabilities from payment systems, software, hardware and the cloud — while obtaining and maintaining compliance with complex regulations like PCI-DSS.

By the Numbers

The Challenges of Retail Cybersecurity

Phishing, ransomware, advanced persistent threats and supply chain attacks continue to climb in the retail industry, while cybercriminal innovations are uncovering new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in retail POS systems, IoT devices, endpoints, and cloud and server environments. 

Meanwhile, the retail industry faces additional “people” challenges, with high-turnover and a large contingent of seasonal workers, meaning proactive cybersecurity can too easily slip down the list of priorities. Retailers are turning to managed security operations solutions to provide 24×7 monitoring, detection, and response to discover and assess digital risks, and proactively harden their security posture.

98% of attacks in the retail industry are financially motivated.
Half of all cyber attacks on retailers involved financial extortion.
The average cost of a data breach in the retail industry in 2022 was $3.28 million.
63% of retail organizations report a high turnover of security staff.

Customer Testimonial

Arctic Wolf has provided us with excellent security monitoring services, along with several detailed scans designed to review security in specific areas of our infrastructure. Our concierge service with them has been outstanding. In addition, they have provided us with advice on additional security services that we have decided to purchase, such as Azure AD P1 and P2 for our administrators. They are excellent security partners.
IT Technical Systems Manager at a current Arctic Wolf Customer Retail Organization
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