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Security Operations for Manufacturing Organisations

In the manufacturing industry, automation and connectivity are growing at an accelerated pace.
Unfortunately, so do the cybersecurity risks involved. Business that don't close the holes in their security posture could fall victim to attacks that can expose sensitive information and cause them to lose the trust of their customers. Don’t take that risk. It’s time to boost your security posture.

The Security Challenges for Manufacturing

Over the past few years, the manufacturing industry has become a major target in the eyes of cybercriminals. Building a successful security posture hasn’t always been easy, as the industry brings forth its own set of unique challenges.

Lack of Visibility Across the Supply Chain

Global supply chains present a large number of cyber risks for manufacturers to identify, benchmark, and protect against.

Cyber Attacks on the Rise

According to Sikich's 2019 Manufacturing and Distribution Report, half of the companies surveyed reported they had suffered a data breach or cyber attack on their systems in the prior 12 months.

Growing Compliance Regulations

New policies addressing cyber threats for manufacturing industries are continually introduced and modified.

Looking for a security operations team to take on your manufacturing security challenges?

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Why Arctic Wolf for Manufacturing

Cloud Native Platform​

Arctic Wolf is the industry’s cloud native platform designed to deliver security operations as a concierge service. The platform is designed to detect, collect, and enrich security data at scale across manufacturing locations, networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.

Concierge Security® Team

Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® Team (CST) develops a complete understanding of your unique IT environment to provide your resource-constrained IT team with extended coverage, security expertise, and custom strategic guidance.

Compliance and Regulations

As new mandates are continually added throughout the manufacturing industry, Arctic Wolf can help your business navigate the complexities of meeting and maintaining compliance regulations.

“We had never bought a security product we didn’t learn to hate. That all changed with Arctic Wolf. We developed confidence in the service pretty quickly.”

Steve Roach, Senior VP and Chief Information Officer (CIO), Valley Strong Credit Union

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