Demand For Cybersecurity Operations Fueling Arctic Wolf’s Growth

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For Arctic Wolf, it was record year and record Q4 for revenue and new customers. Learn more about our company’s impressive growth and how we’ve helped improve ROI by 411%.

Demand For Cybersecurity Operations Fueling Arctic Wolf’s Growth
Record Year and Record Q4 for Both Revenue and New Customers
SUNNYVALE, CA – June 9, 2020 – Arctic Wolf®, the leader in security operations, today announced that its fourth fiscal quarter of FY2020, ended April 30, set a record for most revenue and most new customers. The record-setting quarter, which came in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, capped off a fiscal year that saw Arctic Wolf continuing to double its revenues.
Arctic Wolf now helps thousands of organizations, including more than 150 healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions, to proactively protect their systems and data while continually strengthening their security posture.
“The Arctic Wolf team, which includes our network of North American channel partners, has been phenomenal at supporting our existing customers and adding new organizations to the fold – all while navigating the new realities of working from home,” said Nick Schneider, Chief Revenue Officer, Arctic Wolf. “Even while facing a tremendous amount of economic uncertainty, organizations understand that an investment in improving their security operations is essential to the long-term success of their business and will pay significant dividends towards their growth as the economy recovers.”
A newly commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Arctic Wolf quantifies the Total Economic Impact™ and benefits of Arctic Wolf security operations solutions. The research details how organizations can receive a 411 percent return on investment (ROI) over three years, and that “time-to-value with Arctic Wolf is one-month vs 10 months for just a traditional SIEM or logging tool.” The study also finds that “Arctic Wolf offloads a significant volume of work from internal security teams. For a resource- constrained but growing organization that requires improved capabilities in detection and response, Arctic Wolf saves: 1) 50% of effort from the internal security operations group for triage and investigation activities and 2) 90% for IT operations that are involved in incident management.”
Using the cloud-native and vendor-neutral Arctic Wolf Platform, Arctic Wolf provides security operations as a concierge service. Arctic Wolf solutions include Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Arctic Wolf Managed Risk, and Arctic Wolf Managed Cloud Monitoring, each delivered by the industry’s original Concierge Security® Team. Named Concierge Security engineers act as an extension of an organization’s internal team, providing tailored threat detection and response, as well as ongoing risk management to keep their valuable business data safe. By pairing the intelligence of a cloud-native platform with the expert insight of security operations experts, Arctic Wolf provides customers with personal, predictable protection against emerging threats.
“When it comes to using their security tools, organizations typically don’t experience product failures; they experience operational failures,” said Brian NeSmith, CEO of Arctic Wolf. “We envision a future where the Arctic Wolf Platform and Concierge Security Team keep organizations safe from today’s cyberattacks, and through ongoing collaboration and a proactive approach to security operations, continually strengthen their posture throughout their security journey.”
In a newly published white paper entitled “The Path to Security Effectiveness,” Arctic Wolf outlines its vision for how organizations can take the first steps on their security journey. The document highlights the five key pillars of taking an operational approach to security and documents why many organizations continue to experience failures with their security operations.
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Arctic Wolf® is the market leader in security operations. Using the cloud-native Arctic Wolf Platform, we provide security operations as a concierge service. Highly trained Concierge Security® experts work as an extension of an organization’s internal team to provide 24×7 monitoring, detection, and response, as well as ongoing risk management to proactively protect systems and data while continually strengthening their security posture. For more information about Arctic Wolf, visit
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