Build or Buy? Security Operations Center Strategies for Midmarket Companies

“Weak mid-market defenses create not only the opportunity for attackers to extort resources from the business itself, but also the ability to use them as gateways to hack their enterprise partners.”

Cyber attacks on mid-market companies are on the rise. In response to the growing number of the threats, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. However, identifying what makes a posture ‘strong’ is leading to a dissonance within the mid-market space.

Download this paper for insights into the challenges and opportunities of building your security internally and the advantages of a managed security operations center. Also, discover answers to the following:

  • What challenges do mid-market companies often face when managing their security internally?
  • Why are many mid-market companies turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs)?
  • What are the benefits associated with a managed security operations center (SOC) service?
  • How is Arctic Wolf Networks (AWN) CyberSOC different from other providers and what makes it a viable option for mid-market companies?

An Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) White Paper

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