Women’s History Month Pack Spotlight: Rachel Killick

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Arctic Wolf is proud to honor this year’s theme of Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories with a series of activities throughout the month of March. Arctic Wolf’s Women Transforming Tech Pack Unity Alliance has planned diverse panel discussions, networking events, and Pack Spotlights to amplify the vital role that women play in advancing cybersecurity and making a more equitable and inclusive workplace for all members of the Pack.  

Today we’re spotlighting Rachel Killick, Senior Director of Marketing for EMEA. 

What is your role in the Pack? Tell us about your favorite part of day-to-day life at Arctic Wolf.  

I am the Pack leader for team EMEA’s marketing efforts. Everything from field to partner marketing, to pipeline generation — and yes, even to some merchandising — falls under my remit.

My favourite part of my role is working with my amazing team. We are small, agile, and yet hugely effective. Honestly, they are the best of the best and it’s an honour to have them all on board. I see them as an extension of my family, and I care a great deal about them all.

I also love working with the wider EMEA team. We have something special that everyone has contributed to under the strong leadership of Clare. Being a global company, we work seamlessly with the wider global organisation, and hopefully the learnings we have had in EMEA will help the Pack scale into other regions. 

What advice do you have for women starting their career or looking to become a leader in their workplace? 

Don’t let anything hold you back. Personally, I don’t see gender in the workplace. It’s having the right person for the job and therefore, treating everyone the same.

Of course, I believe in having diversity, but it is everyone’s role to drive it. So, see yourself as ‘you’. Be the best you can be. Never say never and if there’s something you want, focus on that goal and go for it. But the folk around you are your keenest allies, and it’s they who make the day-to-day a success. I would recommend everyone read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, it’s a great read and highlights the differences between men and women at work. 

What is your mantra or motto?  

‘Every day is a school day. You can learn from anyone and every day you should be learning something new if you are truly challenging yourself. I have also been known to say ‘it will all be fine’ and it will be.  

Maintaining a work/life balance is crucial at Arctic Wolf. What do you do when the laptop closes to wind down or wind up? 

Having two teenage boys that play both rugby and football (that’s soccer to my friends across the pond), I find a lot of my weekends are taken up with driving them about and standing on the sideline, trying not to shout too loudly! To stay sane and in shape I use the Peloton. It definitely helps me blow off some steam and is the prime opportunity for some choice words!

However, truth be told, I enjoy nothing more than a meal and a good bottle of wine or an evening out with my significant other. He keeps it real in regards to switching off (ideally with some great conversation and a good sprinkle of laughter — now that does the trick). 

How can the cybersecurity industry — and technology companies at large — take steps to empower their women employees and develop a more level playing field?  

We are all empowered. And empowerment is something you don’t ask for. The cybersecurity industry and IT in general need to market themselves better if they want to drive more diversity. There is also a need in schooling to drive more females to STEM subjects, as this will create the pipeline of candidates for the future. In regards to creating a more level playing field, we are living proof in EMEA of strong female leadership, and we will continue to hire the best people in to the roles. 

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