Women’s History Month Pack Spotlight: Elyse Healey

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Arctic Wolf is proud to honor this year’s theme of Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories with a series of activities throughout the month of March. Arctic Wolf’s Women Transforming Tech Pack Unity Alliance has planned diverse panel discussions, networking events, and Pack Spotlights to amplify the vital role that women play in advancing cybersecurity and making a more equitable and inclusive workplace for all members of the Pack. 

Today we’re spotlighting Elyse Healey, Director of Enterprise Sales: 

What is your role in the Pack? What skills have you developed or acquired here to excel at Arctic Wolf? 

I am the Director of Enterprise Sales for the mid-Atlantic region based in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve been with Arctic Wolf for nearly 18 months and have loved my experience being a part of the Wolf Pack!

Most tech companies move at a fast pace, but Arctic Wolf redefines what it means to move FAST.

We are truly focused on every individual’s role in eliminating cyber risk and as a result, we move at a lighting quick pace when it comes to growing our organization. I’ve built an extended team of 20+ (from just 5 when I started) and I’ve really had to hone my ability to recruit and coach new members at lightning speed. Being a manager is so much more than just being the person in charge. It’s about creating culture, setting expectations, and helping bring out the best skills in others to allow them to best serve our customers.

What advice do you have for women starting their career or looking to become a leader in their workplace? 

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try something new or something you don’t think you are qualified for. When I started in technology sales 10 years ago, I had zero technology or sales experience. However, I had experience in understanding a customer’s needs, and in turn, working as an advocate to solve their problems.

I’m infinitely grateful that a female leader saw this ability in me and offered me a position that I never would have applied for. As a result, I feel an incredible responsibility to pay that opportunity forward and encourage other women to get out of their comfort zone and try a career in tech or cybersecurity.

What is your mantra or motto?   

“Control what you can control.”

As a child, this is something my parents would say again and again. I didn’t realize how true it was until I was a leader of a team. This doesn’t mean I encourage others to sit back and be a passenger in their life. Be the driver of your fate and recognize that we can’t control the actions of others, just our reaction to what happens around us. By having this type of mindset, you stay calm and in control in times of uncertainty and are better equipped to make sound decisions when you aren’t acting out of panic.

Photo of Elyse Healey

Photo of Elyse Healey

Maintaining a work/life balance is crucial at Arctic Wolf. What do you do to wind down or wind up once the laptop closes? 

I love traveling the world and experiencing new cultures through food and wine. As someone who grew up in a Middle Eastern family, food plays a central role in how we gather together and welcome others into our home, so I’m naturally drawn to learning about the cuisine of new places I visit. Last fall, my husband and I spent two weeks exploring Italy and it was incredible.

Learning about how culture, climate, and geography shape a region’s cuisine fascinates me. I’m also a HUGE Formula 1 fan and always seem to find a way to incorporate a race weekend into my travels. Go Red Bull Racing!

How can the cybersecurity industry — and technology companies at large — take steps to empower their women employees and develop a more level playing field in the workplace?  

By offering more opportunities to mentor and be mentored, we give more women the opportunity to rise in our industry. Be a sponsor for another female in the industry and encourage male leaders and executives to do the same. Many of my career advancements have been a direct result of mentorship opportunities and being recommended through a mentor connection. Arctic Wolf has done a phenomenal job putting together a formal program to help mentors and mentees make these connections.

Picture of Arctic Wolf

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