Honoring Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Pack Spotlight: Tawny Tram

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Happy Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Arctic Wolf is proud to honor our API Pack members through a series of events and activities planned by our Honoring Asian and Pacific Islanders Pack Unity Alliance. These celebrations are designed to empower Pack members to share their culture, as well as focus on mindfulness and serenity both in and out of the office through collaborative events with our Mental Health & Wellbeing Pack Unity Alliance.   

Today we’re spotlighting Tawny Tram, Security Operations Manager. 

What is your role at Arctic Wolf? Tell us about your favorite part of day-to-day life as a part of the Pack! 

I’m a SOC manager in S2 who manages half of our Canadian TSE1s in Kitchener-Waterloo. As for my favorite part of day-to-day life, it would have to be saying “hi” to my fellow team members and knowing we are protecting and delighting our customers.  

How has your membership in Pack Unity influenced your time at Arctic Wolf? 

I am so happy to have joined HAPI Wolves because I have made incredible friendships through it. Our friendships have blossomed from our similar backgrounds and the stories we have shared. It has made my time at Arctic Wolf an amazing journey and made me even more proud of my heritage as a Vietnamese Canadian.  

What does API Heritage Month mean to you? 

This month means so much to me since it is the time to share what it means to be an API individual with other people who may not realize our long history and the hardships we have endured. Such a wonderful time to celebrate our rich history!  

How do you wind down outside of the office? 

I love getting a workout in and enjoy hosting my friends and family to a nice dinner party! Who doesn’t love food?  

What’s your motto/mantra that you take with you every day? 

Take a bet on yourself, every single day. 

What is one thing that you wish people knew about Arctic Wolf? 

That we are constant changes in the working world and the evolution of Arctic Wolf is a ride to be on. This is where you will learn how to adapt and maneuver these changes.  

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