Arctic Wolf Guide to the AWS Shared Responsibility Model

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Cloud security is a shared responsibility. Here’s how to do your part.

Extend security into your shared responsibility model for your AWS cloud environment

Organizations are moving workloads to the cloud to help keep pace with the speed of innovation. However, too often this is done without a proper plan in place to ensure that their security doesn’t fall behind. The potential financial and reputational damage, as well as the risk of lost data from a breach is massive, and that makes proper planning crucial. Moving at least some operations to the cloud is a compelling proposition in today’s business landscape, as it is helping organizations increase business agility, better serve their customers’ needs, and cut their costs.  Those that don’t make the move will likely fall behind their competitors. Stats for AWS cloud migration. 51% reduction in operational costs. 62% improvement in IT staff productivity. 19x faster time to market. 7x decrease in downtime However, moving to the cloud requires a security mindset shift. Old methodologies that may have worked for traditional data centers simply don’t apply. Arctic Wolf’s new Shared Responsibility Model Guide, built collaboratively with AWS, identifies the cloud security operations solutions that can aid you in effectively monitoring your cloud environment and hardening your cloud security posture to reduce the likelihood of a breach or data leak. But that’s not all. In the guide, you’ll learn:
  • The common cloud adoption challenges and how to overcome them
  • How the difference between on-premises and cloud security challenges impacts organizations
  • How a cloud security posture management solution can help you scale and innovate securely.
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