Arctic Wolf Continues on Explosive Growth Trajectory

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This week marks our mid-year kick-off. It’s our all-company meeting that, like Arctic Wolf, gets bigger each year with hundreds of new team members joining us from around the world—many for the first time.  
With so much new hiring (we’re on pace to nearly double ourselves, again), I’m continually reminded of our Wolf Pack’s talent, dedication, and drive for success, and I’m proud to work alongside these professionals daily.

Above all, I’m reminded of our team’s commitment to reinforce Arctic Wolf as an industry leader in security operations. Our category-defining Security Operations Platform now supports more than 2,000 customers worldwide, helping organizations of all sizes combat a complex and dangerous threat landscape. 

Here’s a recap of what we’ve announced for our customers and partners in the past few days.

Increasing Our Global Footprint, Fast and at Scale  

The anchor announcement for our company celebration is the global expansion of our Security Operations Cloud to provide customers and partners with unified visibility, protection, and automation through a growing number of technical integrations. With a new European security operations center (SOC) in Germany, Arctic Wolf global customers will have full flexibility in where their native data is stored and how it is accessed, so they can be fully complaint with local and international data governance regulations. 
The Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud has scaled to ingest, parse, enrich, and analyze more than 1.6 trillion security events weekly for more than 2,000 customers globally. It is now processing events at an equivalent or greater rate than other market-defining cloud platforms like Zscaler, Slack, and ServiceNow. This momentum is driven by a strong uptick in demand for security operations in the enterprise market—demonstrated by Arctic Wolf’s 510% year-over-year increase in large enterprise ARR growth in the first quarter of our fiscal year.   

Expanding Our Security Awareness and Training Offerings 

With more than a 300% growth in customers in the past quarter, just months after its public debut, we continue to innovate our Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness offering to lead the industry in content, customization, and delivery in building compelling programs for customers that flat out work. We believe fortifying the human element in cybersecurity is critical for organizations in their efforts to minimize the impact and likelihood of cyber attacks.

With this week’s announcements, Arctic Wolf has expanded the program and we now offer industry-specific content tracks, compliance training content, and role-based awareness content to enable program customization for roles and industries often targeted by cyber threats. With a Hollywood-style approach to security awareness lessons, Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness is quickly revolutionizing the way organizations implement effective security awareness programs worldwide. 

We also recently launched a first-of-its-kind, accelerated, and immersive experience to illustrate how this fully managed solution can change a company’s culture and improve employee sensitivity to cybersecurity topics—illustrating 90 days of programming in 15 minutes. 

Delivering Critical Outcomes Across the Entire Security Operations Framework

The massive growth in the power and scale of the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud has been precipitated by explosive market demand for security operations, which has resulted in the company doubling its sales for eight consecutive years and achieving a $4.3B valuation as part of a $150M Series F funding round in July.

In addition to the business expansion driving the momentum of its cloud-native platform, Arctic Wolf has also made aggressive investments in API development and ecosystem integrations. As a result, the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud has added support for dozens of new security data sources over the last year. Arctic Wolf’s universal and unlimited approach to data ingestion allows customers to gain visibility and control over historically disparate security solutions, while removing the need for security leaders to choose which data sources are important or cost-effective to monitor.

Preparing for What’s Next 

Having been with Arctic Wolf for more than six years and now working as president and CEO, I can personally attest to the continual and upward momentum that drives this company forward. The increasing market demand for security operations, an expanding channel and alliance partner network, record-breaking investments and customer growth, and continued validation from analysts: These are the proof points and motivators that drive our mission to end cyber risk.  

 So, too, are the opportunities for growth ahead: To help solve the effectiveness issue in cybersecurity for the vast majority of organizations that don’t have security operations. We partner with business leaders who currently struggle to bring cybersecurity conversations into the boardroom. We are proud to be the catalyst for career growth and innovation for our Wolf Pack.

The tailwinds are strong, and the future is bright for Arctic Wolf. And we’re eager to embark on the second half of our fiscal year with the same mantra I brought to our team in June: Let’s Go!  

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Nick Schneider

Nick Schneider

As President and CEO of Arctic Wolf, Nick Schneider brings more than 15 years of experience in building global, high-growth technology companies spanning both emerging and established markets. As a veteran in the security industry, Nick has developed expertise in creating best-of-breed technology platforms and world-class sales organizations, which have been the driving force behind Arctic Wolf’s explosive growth and leadership position in the security operations market.
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