Arctic Wolf’s Big Move to Cover Human Risk

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“The weakest link” is the term now commonly used to describe employees in discussions about security and awareness training. Many security awareness companies have even adopted the attitude that your employees are your biggest risk—and they are the only ones deserving of blame in the event of an incident.

At Arctic Wolf, we see things differently.

We do not believe in blaming your employees. After all, even though the bad guys directly target employees in an alarming 90 percent of all cyberattacks, most companies have only implemented once-a-year training that does not prepare employees to identify threats. You don’t harden your servers once a year, so why would you do less for your employees when they are attacked more often?

Employees should not be blamed or shamed for being overexposed and underprepared.
They are continuously targeted and given insufficient training to capably recognize the signs of an attack and know what action to take to overcome and neutralize that attack.

Pioneering a New Approach to Cyber Resilience through a Fully Managed Security Awareness Service

Security awareness training is a core pillar of security operations, but traditional security awareness solutions leave employees unengaged and uninformed about the latest attacks targeting them. It is for these reasons that we are excited to introduce a new approach to security awareness: Arctic Wolf® Managed Security Awareness®. With this new solution we the Arctic Wolf Platform expands its coverage beyond your network, cloud, and devices to include your employees, to further strengthen your cyber resilience across the most vulnerability aspects of your attack surface.

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness helps organizations build cyber resilience against social engineering, phishing attacks and credential theft. It’s a fully managed approach to security awareness training that leverages the unrivalled experience of the Arctic Wolf Concierge Security Team to provide quality and timely education for employees, as well as security awareness coaching to level up an administrator’s ability to build security into their organization’s culture.

Microlearning as a Foundational Approach to Security Awareness

Considered the best way for adults to learn, we use microlearning as a fundamental strategy. This means short, timely, and focused content that is always new, educating employees about current threat vectors. It empowers employees to contribute to their organization’s security posture, as it combines the most advanced modern methods to educate them on what they need to know, why they need to know it and why it matters to them.

The ongoing microlearning security awareness sessions, phishing simulations and follow-ups, employee participation tracking, and gamification make up the fully managed content side of the solution.

Our new approach doesn’t just stop with microlearning. We also understand that many security awareness efforts lose momentum because the training becomes too burdensome to manage. The training programs aren’t automatic and require a great deal of effort on the administrator’s behalf to build out campaigns, so the administrator is often on their own to determine how to steer the program and improve employee security behavior. That’s why our solution is fully managed and provides administrative coaching through our Concierge Security® Team.

This human touch allows your organization to get better insight into training strategies, employee performance, and other areas to build a strong security culture within your organization. Managed Security Awareness also includes 24×7 account takeover monitoring and notifies you if employee credentials end up on the dark web and works to see where employees need to focus on their training so that it doesn’t happen again.

The methods of ongoing education, assessments and coaching allow organizations to go well beyond checking a box for training. Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness enables organizations to run a full security awareness program built upon the cybersecurity ABCs.

It starts with raising awareness, then works to change behavior, before ultimately changing your organization’s culture.

Learn more about Managed Security Awareness.

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