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Managed SIEM Services

Get actionable security intelligence from our Arctic Wolf Managed SIEM Service without the complexity and cost of doing-it-yourself. When prevention fails, your only hope is detection.

We collect your security event information and the context around it. Our security engineers analyze mountains of data to reduce false positives. The end result is actionable security intelligence working as an extension of your IT security team.

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Employees may pose the biggest cybersecurity threat.

Insider threats underscore the importance of Managed SIEM

Nov 6 2015

The story of how ancient Greece defeated the thoroughly fortified city-state of Troy will never stop being relevant, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Regardless of how impenetrable preventative cybersecurity may…

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Don't let this holiday season be a season of retail hacks.

Retail and hospitality: The holiday cyber threat

Nov 4 2015

The holidays should be a time for celebration, but for retailers and hospitality-based organizations, they need to be a time for diligent cyber preparedness as well. That's because along with…

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Health care must take steps to better protect information.

Health care becoming more lucrative for cyberattacks

Oct 27 2015

Health care is quickly becoming one of the most targeted industries for cyberattacks and data breaches. This makes sense, as medical practitioners keep vital and valuable personal information that could…

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Many organizations are certain they have been breached by nation states.

Managed SIEM has become a matter of urgency

Oct 26 2015

Hackers are infiltrating enterprise systems and news headlines, and rattling the nerves of chief information officers everywhere. The rate at which they are breaching perimeter defenses and the regularity with…

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Undetected cyberattacks can cost companies a lot of money.

Save mountains of money with managed SIEM

Oct 26 2015

Reports of cyberattacks often focus on the immediate damage caused by the breach. This may involve sensitive personal information such as Social Security numbers and payment cards being compromised, or…

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