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Get actionable security intelligence from our FireBreak Detection and Response Managed Service (DRMS) without the complexity and cost of doing-it-yourself. When prevention fails, your only hope is detection.

We collect your security event information and the context around it. Our security engineers analyze mountains of data to reduce false positives. The end result is actionable security intelligence working as an extension of your IT security team.

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Health insurance companies have been hit hard by cyberattacks in 2015.

Cyberattack against CareFirst compromises the data of 1.1 million people

May 22 2015

The health care insurance company CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield announced on May 20, 2015, it had been the target of a sophisticated cyberattack. Forbes reported that the information of potentially 1.1…

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Pennsylvania State University is investigating two APTs that could have exposed the personal information of 18,000 engineering students.

Information of 18K people exposed in Penn State cyberattack

May 18 2015

Pennsylvania State University's College of Engineering announced May 15 it had been the target of two advanced persistent threat actors. According to a university news release, the school's investigation of…

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Major retailer Starbucks may have had its mobile payments app hacked recently.

Starbucks mobile app potentially hacked

May 13 2015

Media and consumer reports have surfaced that major retailer Starbucks has had its mobile payments app broken into by hackers. The payment app accounts for around 16 percent of Starbucks'…

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The U.S. federal government is not responding adequately to cyberthreats.

Federal cybersecurity issues are an increasing problem

May 13 2015

According to a recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the federal government is experiencing an upswing in cyberthreats. The April 2015 report indicated that information security incidents have…

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Data breaches will cost the world a total of $2.1 trillion by 2019.

Report says cost of a data breach will quadruple

May 13 2015

A new report from Juniper Research estimates that the global cost of data breaches will increase drastically in the next four years. The report said that the total cost will…

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