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Managed SIEM Services

Get actionable security intelligence from our Arctic Wolf Managed SIEM Service without the complexity and cost of doing-it-yourself. When prevention fails, your only hope is detection.

We collect your security event information and the context around it. Our security engineers analyze mountains of data to reduce false positives. The end result is actionable security intelligence working as an extension of your IT security team.

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Recently, DHS found internal website vulnerabilities.

DHS finds internal website vulnerabilities

Oct 5 2015

Threats are becoming more sophisticated on a daily basis, and organizations must do their best to protect their systems. However, many are slow to react or are simply unaware that…

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As cyberattacks become increasingly common, the value of detection and response managed services rises.

Managed SIEM security services becoming more necessary

Sep 29 2015

As enterprise data breaches become a more frequent and damaging occurrence, companies are focusing heavily on analyzing every possible way that a malicious actor might be able to breach their…

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Fingerprint data was stolen in the OPM breach.

Biometrics compromised in OPM breach

Sep 29 2015

The federal government has a number of valuable data sources, making this sector a major potential target for cyberattacks. In one of the biggest hacks in U.S. history, the Office…

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Health care is the most vulnerable sector to cyberattacks.

Excellus data breach affects millions

Sep 29 2015

In the health care sector, there have recently been strings of revelations related to cyberattacks as well as new data breaches happening on a consistent basis. The most recent victim…

See full news release was recently hacked, but they were luckily able to catch it early thanks to scheduled monitoring.

Major B2B Web services provider latest data breach victim

Aug 20 2015, a Jacksonville, Florida-based provider of online solutions and services for small businesses, recently announced that it had been hacked. The company was able to quickly spot the anomalous behavior…

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