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Arctic Wolf Incident Response

Respond Faster. Emerge Stronger.

Make Arctic Wolf your first call when you have a breach or cyber incident. We are ready to stop the attack and restore your organisation to pre-incident business operations.

A Partner You Can Trust

When cyber attacks result in a breach or cyber incident, organisations need a proven partner.
Arctic Wolf Incident Response is a trusted leader in incident response (IR) leveraging an elastic framework that enables rapid remediation to any cyber emergency at scale. Valued for breadth of IR capabilities, technical depth of incident investigators, and exceptional service provided throughout IR engagements, Arctic Wolf Incident Response is a preferred partner of cyber insurance carriers.

Contain the threat and prevent the threat actor from regaining access

Identify the root cause and the extent of malicious activity

Recover data, restore systems, and return to normal business operations

Benefits of Arctic Wolf Incident Response

Respond Faster. Emerge Stronger.

Faster Response

No matter where you are or time of day, Arctic Wolf is ready to help when you need it. Purpose-built for remote incident response, Arctic Wolf can get to work right away.

Complete Remediation

We analyse the root cause and extent of the attack and remove the threat actor’s access to the environment. This limits a cybercriminal’s ability to create backdoors and regain access.

Quicker Restoration

Arctic Wolf is one of the few incident response firms to prioritise data recovery and business restoration while simultaneously conducting the forensic investigation, getting you back to business faster.

How we Help

Types of Incidents Commonly Resolved

No matter the attack vector, we have experience mitigating the threat and remediating the damage across endpoint, network, identity, and cloud environments.

  • Ransomware Response

  • Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

  • Data Breach Response

  • Business Email Compromise Investigation

  • Employee Misconduct Investigations

How it Works

Arctic Wolf Incident Response Timeline

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Organisation is breached

  • Cyber attacks
  • Malicious insiders
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)

			Call Arctic Wolf icon

Engage IR Team

  • Call Arctic Wolf
  • 1-hour response SLA
  • Scoping call
  • Create SOW

			Secure. Analyze. Restore.

Secure. Analyse. Restore.

  • Contain the threat
  • Lock out the threat actor
  • Gather forensic evidence
  • Determine point of compromise
  • Restore data and apps

We begin the recovery process while securing your environment and collecting forensic evidence about the attack. Performing these workflows in parallel allows us to get you back up and running ASAP.

Elastic Response

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Build Resilience

  • Review forensics findings
  • Update IR plan
  • Strengthen security posture

			Lock icon

Emerge stronger

  • Strengthen cyber resilience
  • Review security gaps and remediation options

How it Works

The Arctic Wolf Difference


A named Incident Director serves as your primary point of contact throughout the incident response process providing progress updates, DFIR findings, and incident data reports, so everyone in your organisation – from the SOC to the board room – understands the status of the investigation and the significance of findings.

Elastic Response Framework

The Arctic Wolf Elastic IR Framework enables a rapid response to any cyber emergency at scale. A dedicated Incident Director orchestrates every response and assigns team members based on the attack type, scope of incident, and phase of response. Team members work in parallel through the response to minimise downtime and costs.


Arctic Wolf has responded to thousands of cyber catastrophes, with experience managing and negotiating cases for all major threat groups across industries.
Arctic Wolf's team of experienced IT professionals, former law enforcement, and digital forensics experts offer well-rounded protection to remediate the incident.

Business restoration is the key to incident response success

By utilising our Elastic Response Framework, Arctic Wolf Incident Response is able to focus on restoration from minute one, allowing your organisation to resume operations quickly while minimising costs.
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Introducing the All-New

Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart Retainer

The Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart Retainer is the first proactive incident response retainer that combines incident response planning with a 1-hour SLA and no prepaid hours.
Get priority access to incident response experts and a preferred rate on IR engagements without committing to a minimum number of incident response hours.
IR JumpStart Retainer Benefits:

1-hour response SLA

Preferred pricing

Complimentary scoping call

IR plan assistance, review, and secure storage

Customer Testimonial

Following Partnership with Arctic Wolf

"This is one of the most significant threats to this organization’s existence that I have encountered in my 32 years here. On behalf of each and every one of us in this entire organization, I thank you, with the greatest sincerity and respect."
CEO, National Manufacturing and Logistics Company

Incident response support was the customer's first engagement with Arctic Wolf

Incident Response Resources

Get Access to Incident Response

There are 2 ways you can access IR services from Arctic Wolf.

Arctic Wolf JumpStart Retainer

Your MSP or IT partner can refer you

Increase Business Resilience

Stop Breaches Before They Disrupt Business

When it comes to mitigating the impact of any security incident, it’s a race against time to ensure the safety of your team’s most valuable assets.
Learn how the Arctic Wolf Platform and Security Teams can help your organisation detect the undetectable in only minutes and support ongoing security training to minimise the risk of breaches through human error.


For the first time, we invite you to take an exclusive and real life look at how Concierge Security experts within Arctic Wolf’s industry-leading Security Operations workflow triage investigated, escalated and remediated a ransomware attack on a local government organisation.

Manufacturing Business Email Compromise

We’ll show you how the Arctic Wolf platform detected an email account takeover in only 19 minutes with the dedicated team of security experts investigating and alerting the customer in less than 10 minutes.

Construction Industry Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability

Join us for our latest real-world attack example which will walk through an attack on a customer in the construction industry with the attacker leveraging the Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities that were released in early 2021.

Arctic Wolf Security Operations Warranty

Financial Assistance to Mitigate Cyber Incident Costs

Arctic Wolf stands behind our security operations solutions with the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Warranty, a no-cost customer benefit that provides up to $1,000,000 in financial assistance for cybersecurity incidents.
The warranty covers a wide range of incident expenses and is available to customers who utilize Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response plus additional Arctic Wolf solutions. Read more in our Security Operations Warranty datasheet.

Security Operations Warranty

The Pack Has Your Back

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