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Security Operations for Financial Institutions

The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks continues to rise, causing financial institutions to take decisive action to protect their organisation and customers.
The problem? Most financial service's IT and security teams are stretched thin, and often lack the ability to maintain compliance in the wake of mounting attacks and a wide-scale cybersecurity skills shortage.

The Security Challenge for Financial Institutions

Banks, credit unions, and other financial services organisations are the ultimate prize for hackers and cybercriminals seeking monetary gain. IT and security teams can combat threats by addressing these common obstacles:

Lack of Visibility

IT teams must monitor and defend a patchwork of siloed systems, each with their own unique set of vulnerabilities and reporting capabilities.

Compliance and Reporting Obligations

Financial services firms face mounting cybersecurity regulations. With a growing number of regulations to follow, financial services firms face increasing pressure to achieve cybersecurity compliance.

Too Much Noise

Overburdened IT and Security teams often have difficulty distilling thousands of alerts from multiple security management and monitoring systems into actionable information.

Protect your organisation with a 24x7 dedicated Concierge Security® Team

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By the numbers

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Financial services firms are 300 times as likely as other companies to be targeted by a cyber attack.
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Phishing is the #1 most concerning threat to financial organisations.
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Cybercrime costs financial services organisations 42% more than other vertical markets.
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Arctic Wolf Secures the Financial Services Industry

Hundreds of Banks, Credit Unions, and Consumer Financial Organisations rely on Arctic Wolf’s 24x7 Security Operations.

24x7 Continuous Monitoring​

Never miss an important alert. Arctic Wolf offers around the clock detection, response, and digital risk coverage to proactively monitor your environment.

Actionable Insights

Direct access to security expertise combines with a unique knowledge of your environment to sift through the noise of alerts, quickly getting to the right signal.

Broad Visibility​

Collecting more than 60 billion data points per day, Arctic Wolf works with your existing technology stack— spanning network, endpoint, cloud, and beyond.

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