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Providing Mission-Critical Security Operations to an Interconnected Industry

Scaling Cybersecurity for the Financial Services Industry

Financial service organisations face a growing challenge. Their customers expect 24×7 access and self-service convenience, meaning these organisations must move to the cloud and embrace new technologies, all while securing growing attack surfaces and achieving and maintaining compliance. This is a hurdle too high to clear for most organisations.

By the Numbers

Banks, credit unions, and other financial services organisations are the ultimate prize for hackers and cybercriminals seeking monetary gain.

Competitive pressures are driving financial organisations to further expand the range of products and information services they offer, making their systems more open and accessible from a wider range of devices and locations. This combination of resource-rich targets, mission-critical systems, and accessible environments make a tempting target to cybercriminals who see financial services organisations as potentially massive paydays.
Financial services firms are 300 times as likely as other companies to be targeted by a cyber attack. ​
Nearly 1 in 4 of the global population now uses digital-only banking, a trend that was helped by the pandemic. As financial institutions expose more services online, the risk of compromise grows.
47% of executives at financial institutions said security operations are more difficult today than they were just two years ago. ​
The financial services industry suffered the second highest average total cost per data breach, averaging $5.97 million in 2022, according to IBM.

Customer Testimonial

Arctic Wolf® Helps JCB Finance Exceed Their Data Protection Goals

"Technical limitations of previous tools we had was a big factor [in changing vendors]. With Arctic Wolf, we’ve been able to fulfill those limitations and now use the concierge team to give us guidance on how best to move forward.
Paul Chapman, IT Operations Manager, JCB Finance
Struggling to navigate the complex world of compliance?

The financial sector is heavily targeted by cybercriminals, who typically go where the money is. In response, several government agencies aim to protect consumer information — from the FCA Operational Resilience rulings that come into effect March 2025 to the PRA to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act it can be difficult to know how frameworks and regulations apply to your organisation.

Navigate the complex world of compliance and explore our interactive map. 

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