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Cloud Security Posture Management
Simplify cloud security. Arctic Wolf® Cloud Security Posture Management security operations identifies cloud resources at risk and provides guidance on hardening their posture.
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“51% of organisations that experienced cloud misconfiguration discovered resulting data loss”

Configuration Overload

IT teams adopting multiple cloud platforms and services struggle to properly configure even basic security controls, logging, and monitoring.

Policy Complexity

Most cloud security products are difficult to set up and require frequent policy adjustments which often results in security gaps in the fast-moving world of cloud resources.

Cloud Skills Gap

Finding, training, and retaining experienced security professionals has become a major obstacle for businesses of every size.

The Challenges of Cloud Security

Through 2024, organisations implementing a cloud security posture management (CSPM) and extending this into development will reduce cloud-related security incidents due to misconfiguration by 80%. – Gartner

Number of security incidents with a cloud component:


Organisations that fall victim to public cloud security incidents each year:


Percentage of cloud breaches that occur due to human errors such as configuration mistakes:


Percentage of security incidents due to misconfiguration:


Arctic Wolf® Cloud Security Posture Management

Inventory Assets

Automatically identify, map, profile, classify, and continuously update the inventory of your cloud assets.

Detect Misconfigurations

Automated scanners can detect cloud misconfigurations.

Security Benchmarking

Thousands of IaaS configuration policies to compare to your deployments to identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, evaluated by risk.

Strategic Recommendations

Your named security operations expert becomes your trusted security advisor, working with you to make recommendations that harden your security posture over time.

Cloud Expertise

Cybersecurity experts provide extensive knowledge of cloud platforms, cloud security best practises and frameworks, and business cloud security needs.

Standard and Custom Reporting

Your concierge security team can create ad-hoc reports with rich charts and dashboards for your current cloud security posture to elevate visibility and close gaps.


Delivered by Your Dedicated Concierge Security® Team


Minimise confusion, complexity, and time with a white-glove deployment engagement.

24x7 Continuous

Around-the-clock security coverage of your major cloud platforms by a dedicated team.

Security Expert

Trusted security advisors with years of cloud expertise operate as an extension of your existing IT team.


Security industry experience combined with a unique understanding of your business’s cloud strategy guides your ongoing cloud security posture improvement.

Predictable Pricing

Arctic Wolf’s Cloud Security Posture Management pricing is based on stable parameters, including users and servers, allowing businesses to fully secure environments while controlling costs.

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