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Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf

How it works

How it Works

Security Operations as a Concierge Service

We take the operational approach to cybersecurity

Combining our cloud native platform with our highly-trained Concierge Security® Teams, we work as an extension of your team to provide 24×7 monitoring, detection and response, as well as ongoing risk management to proactively protect your environment while continually strengthening your security posture.


Broad Visibility

Security Operations Experts Protecting You 24x7

Collecting over 200 billion events every day, the Arctic Wolf® platform eliminates common blind spots by leveraging telemetry from endpoint, network, and cloud data sources.

Vendor Neutral

We work with your existing IT and security solutions. There is no need to change vendors or do a “rip and replace” project to start using Arctic Wolf.

Holistic Perspective

We ingest data from endpoints, network devices and infrastructure, as well as from cloud resources to ensure we can see threats from all angles.


The Platform

Cloud Native Security Operations Platform

Centrally store all of your security logs and telemetry in one place to aid with compliance requirements, but also enrich it with threat intelligence and risk context so it can be used to drive better security outcomes.

Data Enrichment

Add context through correlation with more than 30 sources of security data and threat intelligence. 


Automatically detect advanced threats with machine learning analysis and an ever-growing number of detection engines in the platform. The platform also provides community immunity, as well as additional protection from custom rules built specifically for your needs by your Concierge Security® Team.

AI Machine Learning

Leveraging an array of detection methodologies, including AI powered machine learning, empowers Arctic Wolf to quickly uncover suspicious and anomalous behaviours within these collected data set. Our custom detection rules then allow us to deliver our unique personalised protection for your organisation.


The Concierge Security® Team

Security Operations Experts Protecting You 24x7

Every solution built on the Arctic Wolf® Platform is delivered by your Concierge Security® Team. These security operations experts work with you on tactical actions like detecting and responding to threats, but they also work with you on a long term basis to ensure your security posture is continually improving and getting stronger over time. By becoming an extension of your team they can tailor our solutions for maximum effectiveness while also minimising false positives and eliminating alert fatigue.


Arctic Wolf Security Operations

Built on the Arctic Wolf® Platform and delivered by Our Concierge Security® Team:

Managed Detection and Response Icon

Managed Detection and Response

Advanced Threat Detection and Response
Managed Risk Icon

Managed Risk

Continuous Vulnerability and Risk Management
Managed Cloud Monitoring Icon

Managed Cloud Monitoring​

Threat Detection and Risk Management for your Cloud Environments
Managed Security Awareness Icon

Managed Security Awareness

Prepare employees to recognise and neutralize social engineering attacks


Continuous Improvement for your Security Posture
Your Concierge Security® Team regularly meets with your team to review historical events, review reports on how your cybersecurity posture has changed, and guide you along every step of your security journey to meet your organisation’s complex security operations needs.

Thousands of organisations trust Arctic Wolf security operations solutions.

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