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Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk enables you to discover, assess, and harden your environment against digital risks by contextualising your attack surface coverage across your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.

Concierge-Led Managed Risk Experience

Managed Prioritisation and Personalised Protection Delivered by Your Concierge Security® Team

The Concierge Security Team is a force multiplier to your existing security team. If you don’t have a security team, you gain instant access to security professionals that are otherwise difficult, if not impossible to find.

Your named Concierge Security engineer works with you to prioritise vulnerabilities discovered from networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.

We start with the essential task of identifying assets in your environment and defining your attack surface across network, perimeter, host, and accounts.

Then the Concierge Security Team contextualises your attack surface coverage with risk policies, asset criticalities, and SLOs (service level objectives). This contextualisation enables you to prepare your environment to end cyber risk.

Once we have that perspective, the Concierge Security Team assesses and provides you with the risk priorities in your environment.

They then advise you on your remediation actions to ensure you are benchmarking against configuration best practises and continually hardening your security posture.

Benefits of Managed Risk

24x7 Continuous

Around-the-clock monitoring for vulnerabilities, system misconfigurations, and account takeover exposure across your endpoints, networks, and cloud environments.

Strategic Recommendations

Your named Concierge Security engineer becomes your trusted security advisor, working with you to make recommendations that harden your security posture over time.

Personalised Engagement

Regular meetings with your named Concierge Security engineer to review your overall security posture and find areas of improvement that are optimised for your environment.

Managed Risk Addresses the Most Critical Cybersecurity Challenges

Undetected Risks

Most vulnerability scanners miss digital risks beyond software defects, like system misconfigurations and corporate credential exposure.

Too Many Alerts

The sheer volume of vulnerabilities, both detected and exploited, is increasing sharply. IT and security teams are becoming overwhelmed by too many alerts and not enough context.

Limited Asset Visibility

If you can’t see it, you can’t protect it. Yet, most organisations are unable to accurately account for assets in their environment. This leads to gaps in posture that leave the door open to attackers.

The action variety of Exploit vulnerability is up to 7% of breaches this year, doubling from last year. - - - - - -

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Data Breaches in Review for 2022

Discover the Risks that traditional tools miss

Product-based vulnerability scanners miss digital risks that are not specifically software defects.

Organisations need visibility into other attack vectors and sources of risk. In addition to software vulnerabilities, Arctic Wolf Managed Risk addresses corporate credential exposure and system misconfigurations for a more robust view into your digital risk.

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How it Works

The Arctic Wolf Managed Risk Process


Our team will work with you to deploy the Arctic Wolf Platform, integrate critical data points, and build an understanding of your network.


Gain clear understanding and visibility into your attack surface by establishing asset context and a vulnerability baseline.

Active Cycle

The Active Vulnerability Management Cycle phase is a steady state and continuous cycle aimed at providing proper coverage, prioritising risks, hardening of your environment, and ensuring mitigation efforts are successful.
  • Installation and Integration

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  • Concierge Kick-Off

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  • Identity and Coverage Resolution

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  • Define and Configure Asset Context

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  • Threat Landscape and Prioritisation Review

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  • Active Vulnerability Management Cycle

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    4 Ongoing
Installation and Integration

Installation and Integration

Installation Stage

In the installation and integration phase, Arctic Wolf configures and validates the environment, and makes reports available for the internal, external, and agent-based scanners as well as Cloud Security Posture Management.

Concierge Kick-Off

Concierge Kick-Off

Core Stage

Begin the proactive Managed Risk security process with your Concierge Security Team where we learn about your environments, policies, procedures, patching cycles, service level objectives (SLOs), and more to gain a better understanding of your attack surface.

Identity and Coverage Resolution

Identity and Coverage Resolution

Fundamentals Stage

Your Concierge Security Team delivers your overall vulnerability management programme context, providing insight on your current device and network coverage, as well as identity issues within the environment. We provide recommendations to fix the coverage issues and ensure we have completed coverage of your entire attack surface.

Define and Configure Asset Context

Define and Configure Asset Context

Optimised Stage

Next, Arctic Wolf provides an initial critical asset list. This list is reviewed with you to identify any gaps. We then recommend asset criticalities, workflow, and organization tagging to make your environment more contextualised.

Installation and Integration

Threat Landscape and Prioritization Review

Optimised Stage

Finally, Arctic Wolf provides you with tailored risk prioritization according to asset and risk context on your overall attack surface so you can begin patch management.

Active Cycle

Active Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

4 ongoing phases

The goal of the Active Vulnerability Management Cycle is to ensure proper coverage, provide prioritization of risks, allow us to consult as the customer is hardening their environment, and ensure the mitigation efforts are successful. It is accomplished through 4 sub-phases that are continuously cycled through.

Arctic Wolf Managed Risk Active Vulnerability Cycle


Identify differences between the initial or previous asset baseline to understand your attack surface.


Get risk metrics and prioritized risk links to provide a clear understanding of priority risks and to support assigning them to their mitigation team.


Resolve priority risks and work towards reducing overall risk with your CST supporting you through the process.


See progress made towards reducing overall risk by rescanning risks to ensure mitigation efforts were successful.

Digital Risk by the Numbers

The growing attack surface compounds cyber risks for organisations. The implementation of new digital initiatives, the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the continued move to the cloud help drive innovation—but at the cost of increased exposure to threats. ​Risk management solutions are becoming the norm to combat this issue.

40% of mid-size enterprises have a formal vulnerability management programme in place:


60% of IT risk management roles predicted to become dependant on risk management solutions to aggregate digital risks in their business ecosystems by 2025:


Implementing the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) top five critical security controls can prevent 80% of the most common cyber attacks:





  1. Gartner
  2. Gartner
  3. CIS

Gartner predicts that through 2025, more than 99% of cloud breaches will be traced back to preventable misconfigurations or mistakes by end users. - - - - - - -


Cloud Security Posture Management Extends Managed Risk to the Cloud

The cloud is the new frontier in business IT—and in cyber risk.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) extends Arctic Wolf Managed Risk to this new frontier, providing cloud asset auditing, environment benchmarking, plus posture hardening and remediation guidance.

The Most Exploited Vulnerabilities of 2023

There were over 29,000 vulnerabilities published in 2023, amounting to over 3,800 more common vulnerabilities and exposure (CVEs) being issued last year than in 2022. With so many vulnerabilities in play, which ones offered the greatest risk to organisations — and the greatest potential reward for threat actors?


Gartner® Peer Insights 'Voice of Customer': Vulnerability Assessment Report

Use this aggregated peer perspective to evaluate vendors’ capabilities as defined by current customers to identify vulnerability assessment solutions that are best suited to meet your organisation’s priorities and needs.

See the Managed Risk Dashboard in Action

The Arctic Wolf Managed Risk Dashboard is a cloud-based portal that provides visibility into the real-time risk landscape on your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments. We tailor the dashboard to your organisation’s priorities to help you make sense of vulnerabilities, while also managing and prioritising patching to reduce cyber risk exposure.

A single interface for all things cyber risk:

  • Visibility into your cybersecurity posture, including prioritised threats and your overall cyber risk score
  • Insight into your organisation’s risk trends and industry comparisons
  • Operational optimisation by giving insight into prioritising your information security and technology activities

Security Operations Warranty

The Pack Has Your Back

Arctic Wolf Security Operations Warranty

Cybersecurity, IT, and risk management leaders need a plan to manage the outcomes of inevitable cyber attacks against their businesses. Through Arctic Wolf Managed Risk, get access to the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Warranty, a no-cost customer benefit that provides up to $1,500,000 in financial assistance for cybersecurity incidents.

Gartner® Peer Insights

“One of the best vulnerability management tools I’ve come across. Advanced in its technology and very easy to use and understand. It helps you a great deal in security compliance too.”
Security and Risk Management, IT Services Industry

“Arctic Wolf’s Managed Risk platform allows us to quickly detect and understand the risk in our environment, as well as the mitigation steps involved to minimise that risk. They’ve been a key partner in increasing our cybersecurity posture.”

Senior IT Systems Administrator, Misc. Industry

“The concierge team is an extension of our security offering for the organisation. Since we have a small team, they help provide management of security risk and the inputs we need for operational decisions.”

Senior Director Information Technology, Electric and Gas Utilities Industry



“Cybersecurity threats continually transform and mature. Arctic Wolf, however, delivers the tools and expertise to continually monitor our environment and alert on these threats. I rest easier knowing our operations are monitored 24×7 with Arctic Wolf.”

AJ Tasker,

Vice President and Director of IT, First United Bank & Trust

Managed Risk Resources for Vulnerability Management

Predictable Pricing

Arctic Wolf Managed Risk pricing is based on stable parameters including users and servers, allowing businesses to fully secure environments while controlling costs. 

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