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Security Operations for Enterprises

Cybersecurity remains a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. From lawsuits, to brand damage, to ransomware, and government fines—the cost of falling victim to a cybercrime is enormous.
In response, organisations have turned to inefficient point products, while also struggling to find experienced cybersecurity talent. It becomes clear that building an effective team of security experts is not only cost-prohibitive but is nearly impossible to maintain for most enterprises.
Enter Arctic Wolf. Our operational approach to security goes beyond the complex web of security tools and security staff shortages. We use the industry’s first cloud native platform to deliver security operations as a concierge service. Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response, Managed Risk, and Cloud monitoring solutions are anchored by the Concierge Security® Team (CST), who help you address your operational security use cases today and provide you with strategic guidance to harden your posture over time.

Today’s Cybersecurity Challenges

Under Attack

With 66 percent of businesses experiencing a cyber attack in the past year, a strong security strategy is more critical than ever.

Ponemon Institute

Too Many Alerts

It takes 120 days on average to patch a vulnerability. Noisy security tools with constant alerts make it harder to prioritise what most needs your focus.

Kenna Security Inc.

Lack of Expertise

84% of organisations feel they have not been able to fulfill their target head-counts regarding security staff.
Arctic Wolf – 2022 Trends Report

Looking for a security operations team to take on your enterprise security challenges?

Why Arctic Wolf

Cloud Native Platform

The Arctic Wolf® Platform is the industry’s only cloud native platform that delivers security operations as a concierge service. It is designed to detect, collect, and enrich security data at scale across business locations, networks, and devices.  

Concierge Approach

Your resource-constrained IT team is covered by a named security expert who understands your environment and customises recommendations specifically to your business needs. They continuously monitor security events enriched and analysed by the Arctic Wolf® Platform.

Protection on Day 1

Your IT and security teams don’t have time for a months-long onboarding process to pilot another security point product. Arctic Wolf delivers 24x7 protection on day one. There’s no need to spend time building out and maintain a SOC or procure new tools in the process.  

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