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ESG Technical Validation: How Arctic Wolf Makes Security Operations More Efficient to Reduce Cyber Risk

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is an IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm that provides market intelligence and actionable insight to the global IT community. One of its reports—the ESG Technical Validation—is published to “educate IT professionals about information technology solutions for companies of all types and sizes.”

As cyberthreats become more ubiquitous and spare no industry or organisation, and employee devices proliferate and expand the attack surface, businesses everywhere seek effective cybersecurity solutions.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough available cybersecurity expertise out there to meet the increased demand, creating a skills gap within organisations. This is because even if they find the talent they need, businesses typically can’t afford to pay the going market rate for salaries.

Arctic Wolf offers today’s companies a managed approach to get the effective security operations they need to stay protected against escalating threats and limit risks to their environments. In a recent ESG Technical Validation, the analyst group evaluated and appraised the security operations solutions Arctic Wolf delivers in the report: Reduce Risk and Increase Security Operations Efficiency with Arctic Wolf.

What ESG Learned about Arctic Wolf 

A recent ESG survey found that of all IT positions, organisations now find cybersecurity roles by far the most difficult to fill.

In fact, nearly half (48 percent) of 654 respondents said they currently have a “problematic shortage of existing skills” in the area of cybersecurity. That’s why Arctic Wolf security operations solutions have wide appeal across industries. ESG conducted its validation to determine just how effective these solutions—Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response, Managed Risk, and Managed Cloud Monitoring—can be for IT teams, especially those that lack critical security functions, processes, and expertise on staff.

For the technical evaluation, “Arctic Wolf provided access to a demo environment based on anonymized customer data” for evaluation of the Arctic Wolf customer portal, as well as backend access to the Arctic Wolf® Platform to gauge its operational efficiency.

The ESG report details how Arctic Wolf has developed internal tools, processes, and techniques to increase its operational efficiency. 

As part of its review, ESG validated Arctic Wolf’s capabilities around:

  • The Arctic Wolf Customer Portal, and how its dashboards provide customers with immediate insight into their overall security posture and streamlines processes to make the operational aspects of cybersecurity more efficient.
  • Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response, and how Arctic Wolf determines which alerts require further investigation and escalation, and how it involves the customer in the process.
  • Arctic Wolf Managed Risk, including how Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® Team collaborates with customers to manage vulnerabilities and reduce risk.

Get the Report

Read Reduce Risk and Increase Security Operations Efficiency with Arctic Wolf to see how Arctic Wolf can help direct your security journey. ESG’s report also includes dashboard and portal screenshots of areas such as ticketing, log file searches, and more.