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ESG Technical Validation: Reduce Risk and Increase Security Operations Efficiency with Arctic Wolf

With this ESG technical validation, learn how Arctic Wolf is helping customers increase operating efficiencies and reduce risks.

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Arctic Wolf commissioned The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to conduct a technical validation of Arctic Wolf’s security operations services. The report focuses on how the Arctic Wolf platform integrates into an organization’s existing security stack and telemetry into Arctic Wolf’s managed security operations with the goal of reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

To complete the validation, ESG was provided access to an Arctic Wolf demo environment based on anonymized customer data, the Arctic Wolf platform’s backend and the internal concierge security team’s internal backend.

ESG’s validation revealed that Arctic Wolf:

  • Dedicates a concierge security team to each customer; this team learns the customer’s business and IT environment and what security issues are most important or unique to the customer.
  • Leverages the customer’s existing technology stack for security control and telemetry.
  • Investigates all issues, only involving the customer for security incidents that require customer action, reducing the number of customer incident investigations.
  • Automates incident alert and escalation, ensuring customers rapidly resolve critical issues and reducing alert fatigue.
  • Collaborates with the customer, developing plans and schedules for mitigating vulnerabilities, CSPM issues, and other risks with the goal of ending cyber risk.

That's just the start of their findings. Learn much more about the platform and Arctic Wolf’s collaborative efforts help customers increase operating efficiencies and reduce risks.