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Solutions – Managed Cloud Monitoring – FAQ




What is Managed Cloud Monitoring?

The Arctic Wolf Managed Cloud Monitoring solution provides 24×7 monitoring of your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, providing awareness of your risks, misconfigurations and threats across your cloud environments. Arctic Wolf Managed Cloud Monitoring is delivered by the Arctic Wolf Concierge Security Team, built on the foundation of the industry’s leading cloud native platform.

How is pricing determined?

Managed Cloud Monitoring is priced based on the number of user accounts and cloud servers protected – simplifying budgeting and offering a predictable approach to scoping and purchasing, and scaling security as your organisation grows.

How does Managed Cloud Monitoring integrate with other Arctic Wolf security operations solutions?

Managed Cloud Monitoring is built on top of the same Arctic Wolf Platform and delivered by the same Concierge Security Team as all Arctic Wolf security operations solutions, providing seamless security integration. Cloud risks are visible alongside on-premise risks in the Managed Risk portal, and threats and attacks are detected by the same Concierge Security Team. This integration allows for more effective security operations, detecting attackers that move back and forth between cloud and on-premise systems and prioritising the most serious risks regardless of location. 


Can Managed Cloud Monitoring identify unsecured cloud resources?

Yes. Managed Cloud Monitoring can detect unsecured cloud resources, such as S3 bucketsa key vulnerability commonly exploited by malicious actors.  

Can Managed Cloud Monitoring detect unauthorised cloud applications?

Yes. Through its integration with Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response, Managed Cloud Monitoring can identify unauthorised cloud applications, or “shadow IT”, allowing organisations to mitigate the risk of data breach or loss associated with such services.

Can Arctic Wolf monitor for security issues in my cloud infrastructure? If so, what sources can you ingest?

Yes. Managed Cloud Monitoring monitors for security issues in IaaS platforms and performs inventory reporting, environment benchmarking, and remediation recommendations. This monitoring allows Arctic Wolf to discover cloud risks and detect suspicious behaviour. Managed Cloud Monitoring integrates with major IaaS platforms, including AWS and Azure.

Can Arctic Wolf monitor for security issues in my SaaS applications? If so, which sources can you ingest?

Yes. Managed Cloud Monitoring can detect key SaaS indicators of compromise, including suspicious logins or administrative activity, and malicious integrations. These alerts allow Arctic Wolf to detect serious attacks such as business email compromise, data breach, and more. Managed Cloud Monitoring integrates with major SaaS platforms including Office365, Gsuite, Salesforce and Box.

Is 24x7 monitoring included with Managed Cloud Monitoring?

Yes. Managed Cloud Monitoring provides 24×7 security monitoring, with alerts on attacks or risks delivered in minutes.


Is Managed Cloud Monitoring a security product or service?

Managed Cloud Monitoring is a security operations solution. That means that it is a service delivered by our Concierge Security Team. Unlike security products, which often require extensive training and setup and ongoing maintenance and monitoring, Managed Cloud Monitoring simplifies cloud security by providing actionable outcomes from security operations experts.

Who delivers the Managed Cloud Monitoring solution?

Managed Cloud Monitoring is delivered by your Concierge Security Team, two dedicated security operations experts.

What is required to deploy Managed Cloud Monitoring?

Managed Cloud Monitoring is simple and easy to deploy. Once the solution is scoped and purchased, Arctic Wolf will collect the necessary cloud credentials through our secure portal. Then our security operations experts will activate and configure the service and begin monitoring.

Can I customise monitoring under Managed Cloud Monitoring?

Yes. Your Concierge Security Team can customise alerting rules, reporting cadences and risk priorities, to ensure you are receiving actionable security information and ongoing guidance to improve your cloud security posture.

What happens if an issue is identified in my cloud infrastructure or applications?

If an issue is identified in your cloud environment, your Concierge Security Team will verify the issue and alert you as per your previously determined escalation policy. This can include ticketing, emails or emergency phone calls. The Concierge Security Team will manage the end-to-end workflow of detection and response, and then provide remediation and validation guidance to ensure the issue is resolved.