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The Legal Cybersecurity Checklist

The Legal Cybersecurity Checklist helps you lay out the steps needed to start building a stronger security posture at your firm. Download now.

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As data breaches continue making headlines across different companies and firms with increasing frequency, organisations are recognising the profound impact cybersecurity is having on their business.  

That impact resonates throughout different companies and the field of law, in particular, since firms are often required to store and share vast amounts of private data. Because of this valuable information, law firms are finding themselves as prime targets for cyberattacks. 

What makes cybersecurity an even greater challenge for the legal industry is that instead of a single overarching mandate to follow, they must be compliant and meet legal compliance standards along with a growing number of sweeping regulations. If these legal compliance requirements aren’t met,  firms risk facing harsh financial penalties.

With these factors in place, it can be tricky to devise sound strategies to deal with today’s growing threat landscape. To ensure compliance, we’ve developed The Legal Cybersecurity Checklist

Learn how to build a stronger security posture with advice, tips, and best practices on securing your business' data. 

Inside the legal compliance checklist is the latest information on: 

  • Developing a detailed response plan 
  • Backing up data offsite. 
  • Creating a conscious workforce. 
  • Recently enacted notification requirement expansions.  
  • Inventory and asset control, and more.  

Take the first steps to securing your firm’s data, download and review The Legal Cybersecurity Checklist today.