Fast Company Recognises Arctic Wolf as “Most Innovative Company” Alongside Iconic Industry Pioneers

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We are excited to share that Arctic Wolf® is ranked 42nd on Fast Company’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List, and number 2 in the award’s Security category. This prestigious list recognises businesses that are making the biggest impact within their industries and on culture as a whole—companies thriving in today’s dynamics.  

At Arctic Wolf, we constantly innovate because cyber threats are continually impacting our world, whether as organisations or as individuals. Threat actors adapt and create new ways to exploit every type of vulnerability to bypass security controls. And organisations struggle to keep pace, so they remain exposed to cyberattacks like phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware, even as they deploy more tools. 

In 2021, we doubled down on the most challenging threat vector of all: the human element. Despite the abundance of “next-generation” tools and a booming security market, cybercriminals have moved beyond tools to target the most vulnerable element of every business – its employees. 

Thanks to their own innovative platforms and malicious, “ready-to-use” kits, threat actors have enabled anyone the ability to easily launch and sustain phishing, vishing, and ransomware attacks. As a result, employee in-boxes are now flooded with social engineering attacks. One false move can let attackers slip past security controls—so, from junior sales representatives to C-suite executives, everyone must always be vigilant. 

Innovating for the Human Layer 

With thousands of vendors, and even more tools, businesses struggle to defend every threat vector. We created the Arctic Wolf® Platform to bridge the gap between disparate tools and overwhelmed security professionals and bring world-class security operations, the answer to defending every attack vector, to organisations of virtually every size. With the global rise of social engineering attacks, security awareness on the human front has become critical to building out security operations to meet current threats.

Last May, we launched Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness®, a radical new approach to changing user behavior and strengthening cyber resilience by incorporating security awareness as part of a comprehensive security operations strategy to combat an increasingly human-centric threat landscape. Employee training is the new call to arms, but traditional training tools haven’t kept up. To effectively prepare employees to recognise and neutralise social engineering attacks requires innovation beyond the tool. Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness innovates across the three dimensions necessary for an effective security awareness program—delivery, content, and service.  

We often hear employees referred to as the weakest link when discussing attack surfaces. Although 90% of cyber attacks use social engineering to engage and exploit users, the answer is not to shame and blame users for being victimised. Rather, as an industry, we have a responsibility to empower organisations and employees alike to create an engaging, effective culture of security. 

Time for a New Philosophy 

We believe the cybersecurity industry has failed customers and users in many ways. Despite continued investment in cybersecurity, leaders still feel underbudgeted and understaffed in their efforts to meet the challenges of today’s growing threat landscape. Cyber threats are no longer contained to the IT organisation; cybercriminals have infiltrated our homes, our government, our offices, critical infrastructure, and more.  

What comes next is vital. Do we give up, treating employees as incapable of change? Or do we look deeper, innovate, and put people first? Arctic Wolf is proud to collaborate with customers and help them transform their security culture. We support and rejuvenate their security professionals who may be burned out and overwhelmed. We arm each of their employees with the knowledge and awareness—and innovation—they need to withstand the rapidly evolving landscape. We are the only company that promises its customers we’ll own the outcome, not just sell them another product. We’re honored to be recognised for our commitment and ability to bring positive change to the cybersecurity industry and our increasingly digital world. 

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Dan Larson

Dan Larson is Arctic Wolf’s CMO, overseeing corporate marketing, brand, communications, technical marketing, demand generation, enablement, product marketing, and marketing technology. His background includes 15 years of sales, product, and marketing leadership experience, with a proven track record of building powerful technology brands by establishing best-in-class market positioning, competitive differentiation, and product messaging.
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