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Hybrid AI Offers Cybersecurity Industry's Most Effective Defence

Hybrid AI is the most effective way to tackle today’s threat landscape. Find out how Arctic Wolf uses it to provide the industry's most effective cybersecurity defence.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are used increasingly to develop the next generation of cybersecurity solutions. These solutions make it easier for organisations to identify advanced cyberattacks while reducing your cost to manage such solutions.

Unfortunately, many have a misconception about AI. People often imagine there is a human-like brain inside the machine capable of handling complex tasks and reducing the need to hire any security experts to manage such solutions. This isn't the case.

Today’s threat landscape is vastly complex and constantly evolving, which currently makes it impossible for AI-based solutions to eliminate humans in the loop while maintaining a strong security posture.

In Hybrid AI Offers the Cybersecurity Industry’s Most Effective Defence, we walk through the cybersecurity challenges facing the market and the potential limitations of only relying on AI and machine-learning solutions for cybersecurity. We discuss why human-augmented machine learning is necessary to address these challenges and describe how Arctic Wolf uses Hybrid AI and other supporting capabilities in our cloud-based security operations platform to provide the industry’s most effective cybersecurity defence and incident response. Download now.