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MSSP vs. MDR for a Changing EMEA Threat Landscape Featuring Insights from Forrester

The cybersecurity industry has an effectiveness problem. With thousands of vendors in the marketplace and over $130 billion spent annually on defence; the number and type of breaches continue to rise.

If technology and tools alone were the answer, the problem would have already been solved. Yet 61% of organisations* report at least one attack every year (and that’s just those who know about it).

It’s time to challenge your way of thinking and readdress the problem. What if there were a different way to develop a stronger security posture without having to start from scratch? And how with a straightforward, meaningful approach you can finally realise the potential of your existing defences.

Watch this webinar to hear from guest speaker Paul McKay, Principal Analyst on the Security and Risk Team at Forrester, and Ian McShane, Arctic Wolf Field CTO, on why:

  • Legacy security tech stacks and Managed Security Service Providers have fallen short of their promise to provide reliable cyber defence
  • More organisations are re-evaluating their expectations in light of an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape
  • Leading IT teams are considering new approaches, including Managed Detection and Response, to address business-critical SecOps challenges

*According to the 2019 Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report