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The Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity Checklist

The Manufacturing Cybersecurity Checklist lays out the steps your organization needs to develop a strong security game plan. Download for free.

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As the manufacturing industry ramps up its use of automation and connectivity, it also opens the door to new cybersecurity risks. And while financial services and tech companies have made significant strides to strengthen their security process and posture, the manufacturing industry often lags far behind.  

This is a dangerous move, because when it comes to cyberattacks, bad actors are expanding their set of targets. Smaller enterprises, especially, are seen as low-hanging fruit for attackers. There’s also a growing realisation that the manufacturing industry holds important and sensitive information, including intellectual property and customer data. 

Data bears this out. According to the Sikich’s 2019 Manufacturing and Distribution Report, half of surveyed manufacturing companies suffered a data breach or cyberattack in the prior 12 months. 

With so many growing threats, it’s never been more important to build a security game plan for your organisation, which is why we’ve developed The Manufacturing Cybersecurity Checklist.  

Inside the guide you’ll learn the steps on how to effectively:  

  • Create a security-conscious workforce  
  • Assess inventory and control: hardware and software assets 
  • Monitor supply chain vulnerabilities 
  • Implement a strong intellectual property protection plan 
  • Compliance factors to keep in mind 

Discover how Arctic Wolf can help bolster your defences in the most comprehensive, secure, and affordable way possible. Download The Manufacturing Cybersecurity Checklist and find out how to start building a stronger security profile at your organisation.