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Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response Log Search

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You don’t know what you can’t see.

This adage is especially true in terms of cybersecurity. After all, how can you stop you stop threats if you don’t even know they’re there?

Effective cybersecurity requires broad visibility into your entire environment. This is a core aspect of Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response (MDR) that is further enhanced with Log Search. 

Enabling you to query log data from both on-premises systems as well as those in the cloud, Log Search is an add-on the Arctic Wolf MDR solution that brings IT organisations improved visibility into their operational and cybersecurity posture. It helps you better answer operational and security questions and achieve greater understanding into key aspects of their organisation.

Among many key features, an intuitive Arctic Wolf MDR Log Search interface gives you the ability to quickly harvest operational and security insights by searching your accumulated log data, while also providing pre-defined queries that function as templates for common searches. It also helps you find data “hotspots,” and validate and determine security and operational changes and activities. 

See all the ways Log Search helps you get the most out of the Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response solution.