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Every Minute Matters: The Arctic Wolf Incident Response Timeline

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Organisations are in a race against time to mitigate the impact of security incidents. And today, the stakes are higher than ever before. In fact, the average cost of a data breach reached $8.64 million (USD) in 2020. 

According to research conducted by Ponemon Institute on insider attacks, when breaches are detected in less than 30 days, the cost stands at $7.12 million. When it takes an organisation more than 90 days to detect an insider attack? The losses nearly double to $13.71 million. To truly mitigate the damage from a breach, dwell time needs be measured not in days, but minutes. 

To effectively mitigate risk, organisations must understand their ability to act quickly is critical. However, there are numerous challenges standing in the way, such as the tools they employ and the talent they lack—especially as today's threat landscape requires 24x7 coverage if businesses hope to stay protected. 

As the volume and severity of threats intensify and losses continue to grow, organisations have begun looking to strategic security partners to help protect their enterprises against the growing risk of breaches. 

For the first time, we invite you take an exclusive look at how Concierge Security experts within Arctic Wolf’s industry-leading Security Operations workflow triage defend our customers against attacks. In Every Minute Matters: The Arctic Wolf Incident Response Timeline, see a minute-by-minute recap of three real-life incidents: password spray, ransomware attack, and Business Email Compromise (BEC). Follow these timelines as our Concierge Security experts investigate, escalate, and remediate the attacks. 

Download the guide now to learn more about how Arctic Wolf's Concierge Security experts help organisations protect their assets, avoid breaches, and continually improve their security posture over time.