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The IT Director's Cybersecurity Checklist

Build a stronger security posture with proven tactics recommended by Arctic Wolf cybersecurity experts.

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For IT directors, a lack of resources is a critical reality when it comes to cybersecurity.

Few IT teams have the necessary talent and budget to meet the increasing threat landscape. The number of bad actors profiting by illicit means continues to grow. And the software and the techniques they use are more sophisticated than ever before.

That's just for starters. The number of entry points continues to climb exponentially. Physical devices are proliferating, from mobiles to those used for the Internet of Things. What’s more, today’s businesses rely on technology with roots from a variety of sources, such as software coming from third-party SaaS or IaaS providers, from one-off vendor purchases, and from cloud solutions.

The attack surface stretches beyond what just a few years ago was unfathomable.

So, what can an IT director do to keep your organisation ahead of mounting threats to stay safe and secure? The Center for Internet Security (CIS) recommends starting with basic, often-overlooked precautions when it comes to building a solid security posture.