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The State and Local Cybersecurity Crisis: How to Combat a Growing Threat Landscape with SOC-as-a-service

State and local governments are facing an aggressive and evolving cybersecurity crisis. In our white paper, learn how to defend your reputation and organisation.

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It may seem shocking that a ransomware attack can demand a threat response on par with a major natural disaster, but that's exactly what happened in Texas in the summer of 2019 when 23 public agencies and local governments were targets of a coordinated ransomware attack.

Unfortunately, this is the volatile risk environment state and local governments are currently facing.

Without proper systems in place and a lack of IT specialists available,  new reports continually emerge of breaches and the exposure of public records.

In fact, 88 percent of agencies have experienced at least one cyberattack in the last two years, while 62 percent have experienced two or more attacks. Those troubling stats means cybersecurity is a growing concern for governments, as they find themselves unable to defend themselves.

That's why we want to provide information on how to fight back.  

With our How to Combat a Growing Threat Landscape with SOC-as-a-Service white paper, you'll learn how governments can immediately strengthen their security posture, along with: 

-The most common ongoing threat vectors local and state governments are facing.
-The various ways hackers are accessing government systems. 
-How governments can gain more visibility into their network.

Don't wait to take action. Download our white paper and discover an effective way to keep your organisation out of harm's way.