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Forrester Research Finds Arctic Wolf Brings Key Economic Benefits to Security Operations

Cybersecurity is an increasing challenge.

Hackers and bad actors use the most advanced tools and sophisticated techniques to target organisations of every size. As of now, even the largest enterprises find it extremely difficult to address the complexity and manage the resources needed to effectively defend themselves.

For most companies, cybersecurity is a costly endeavour. Yet even those that allocate ample budget to the latest products are victimised by attacks because they don’t have the right staff and security operations in place to ensure that these tools work to their potential.

The Economic Benefits of Effective Cybersecurity

Arctic Wolf believes that our security operations solutions provide you with the means to better address today’s threats in ways that also raise the bottom line. To quantify this, we worked with Forrester Research while they conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of our solutions.

The results of the full study are now available, as are new insights in the Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk solution in Forrester’s recently released study titled, ‘Arctic Wolf Security Operations Solutions: Scale Cybersecurity Defence and Decrease Enterprise Risk’.

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Put Vulnerabilities in Context to Reduce Attack Possibilities

For overwhelmed IT and security teams, patching vulnerabilities is simply another version of Whack-a-Mole. Without context, it’s hard to determine which ones are ‘critical’ so you can prioritise your patching programs.

Arctic Wolf, however, addresses this problem. As Forrester points out in its study: ‘Adding Managed Risk contextualises risks by severity and business impact, so that the entirety of the security program can shift to prevent vulnerabilities before they happen’.

The study goes into detail on a number of areas where Managed Risk brings significant value and benefits. These include how the solution:

  • Prioritises vulnerability patching and remediation
  • Closes gaps in vulnerability assessment to improve regulatory compliance
  • Streamlines efficiency to identify security incidents and vulnerabilities more quickly

Together with Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response (MDR, which is covered in the prior Forrester TEI study, Arctic Wolf helps companies reduce both the likelihood and the impact of a cyberattack. As noted in the latest report, in terms of the ‘composite customer’ developed by Forrester, Arctic Wolf saves organisations $2.3M PV (present value) in savings over a three-year period – and Managed Risk, when used in conjunction, adds another $561K in savings. All this while keeping your organisations better protected.

Read the Forrester TEI Study and Ramp up Your Security Operations

For a more in-depth analysis on how Managed Risk and other Arctic Wolf security operations solutions bring value and a slew of benefits for organisational cybersecurity, read Forrester Research’s ‘Arctic Wolf Security Operations Solutions: Scale Cybersecurity Defence and Decrease Enterprise Risk’.

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